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21 March 2020

Il Marchese in Rome, Italy: Tasting Italian Cuisine Like How It Was Before

Davide Solari and Lorenzo Renzi, school friends from a very young age, conceived the idea of opening Il Marchese in Rome, the city where they grew up in. Il Marchese was inspired by the homonymous movie of Mario Monicelli which stars Alberto Sordi, Il Marchese del Grillo (The Marquis of Grillo). The elegant setting of the restaurant takes you back to the noble setting of the aristocratic world of the Roman tradition in the early 19th century. With a capacity of 110 seats, it is open to everyone who wants to have a genuine contemporary and traditional Roman experience at 360 degrees at a suggestive ambience. It is counterbalanced by the coal man, the other character in the movie who represents the common people of that epoch which inspires the culinary offerings of the kitchen and the simpleness of the Roman spirit.

19 March 2020

The Grand Blogger Dinner 2020 in Rome, Italy

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak in the northern part of Italy, the third edition of the Bohemian-style The Grand Blogger Dinner Rome pushed through with great success on the 27th of February 2020. Heavy rains and some absences of some guests due to travel restrictions did not hinder the delightful evening. Alwin Pascal Jager, founder and owner of Mr. Goodiebag and his team from the Netherlands made sure that the third edition were as memorable and enjoyable as the first two editions held in Rome. This year's dinner was held in Settimo Restaurant, the 7th-floor terrace restaurant of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese. The products of six brand partners were used by three talented chefs in developing an exquisite 5-course dinner accompanied by corresponding drinks.

10 March 2020

The Simple and Quality Cuisine of Moma Restaurant in Rome, Italy

Embracing two styles of culinary offerings throughout the day, Moma Restaurant is a unique kind of restaurant with two chefs directing two kitchens. It is set in a two-storey building wherein the ground floor functions as a bistrot with a large bar, open for breakfast and lunch with simple and fast gastronomic offers while the second floor is employed as Moma's Michelin-starred restaurant, the gourmand soul which offers a well-researched menu.

06 March 2020

Settimana delle Birre Artigianali 2020 in Italy: An Event Dedicated to Craft Beers

The tenth edition of La Settimana della Birra Artigianale (Craft Beer Week), transpiring between 2 to 8 March 2020 all over Italy, has grown to a registry of 546 members from 311 craft beer brewery members in its creation in 2010. 

This largest event dedicated to craft beer was created by Andrea Turco, founder of Cronache di Birra, a highly popular blogzine that offeres a daily window to the world of Italian craft beers. The ten-year annual celebration has seen a stable growth of interest of production and consumption among thousands of passionate beer lovers all over the country which highlight the quality beer products of independent craft breweries. Along with Turco is Salvatore Cosenza, one of the founding members and teacher of the Unione Degustatori Birre (Union of Beer Tasters) and writer about beer, food and restaurants for various sites and guides in Italy, and curator of the page Lieviti Digitali where he posts his collections of all his articles and activities.

05 March 2020

Aroma Restaurant in Palazzo Manfredi in Rome: Breathtaking Dining Experience

In Rome, the places to see, the things to do and the food to eat are more than enough to fill up a brimming wish list. The myriad offerings take up almost every corner of the city like a sprawling museum to be discovered on foot or even better, from above. Palazzo Manfredi, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the city has dedicated one of its terraces to one of Rome's most enticing culinary destinations that overlook the Colosseum. It has one of the most unparalleled panoramic views of the immense two thousand year old ancient Roman amphitheater and the ruins of Ludus Magnus, the largest gladiatorial school during the same period.

03 March 2020

Art Inspires The New Cocktails of Sky Stars Bar of A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome, Italy

An evolution of art from marble sculptures to paper and finally to its liquid from in glass is the latest concept of Sky Stars Bar, the panoramic cocktail bar located on the third floor of A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel. While Sky Stars keeps its mainstay cocktail concoctions, this month's theme is a list of ten original contemporary drinks based on the art of Stefano Azzena created by Bar Manager Alessandro Antonelli flanked by Claudio Diamantini and rest of the skilled bar staff.

20 February 2020

I Migliori Vini Italiani of Luca Maroni 2020 in Rome, Italy

The 21st Edition of I Migliori Vini Italiani (The Best Italian Wines) of Luca Maroni, held between 13 to 16 February 2020 in Salone Delle Fontane - EUR in Rome concluded with another huge success. More than 5,000 visitors attended, visiting the stands of the 140 producers with more than 800 labels available for tasting. The selected best Italian wines by Luca Maroni are decreed in his 29th edition of the Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani (Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines).

19 February 2020

Huobi Oriental Market: A Walk Through Asian Culinary Journey in Rome, Italy

An 800-square meter Huobi Oriental Market opened its doors in the vibrant area of Porto Fluviale, once the historical supply route of the Ancient Romans, specifically in the location of the old Mulini Biondi (Biondi Mills) from the early 1900s. Huobi is a sprawling restaurant that's exclusively dedicated to Asian gastronomy, particularly Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Proprietor Valentina Weng, residing in Italy for three decades and former owner of Ostiense Dogana Food and along with Studio GAD, an architectural studio, the creation of Huobi stems from the idea of having a convivial place which embraces the rising gastronomic trend with Oriental signatures.

18 February 2020

Casina Valadier in Rome: Panoramic Fine Dining With Chef Massimo D’Innocenti

Built between 1816 and 1837 by Roman architect Giuseppe Valadier, the Casina Valadier has been one of the most resplendent villas in Rome representing the elegance and beauty of Neoclassism. It is located in the heart of Villa Borghese on the highest point of the Pincian Hill, in the midst of gardens, away from the bustle of the city. Throughout its 200 years of history, it has gone through different changes of hands withstanding years of decline and flourishment. Until the 1990s, it has been one of the most popular restaurants in Rome. Then in June of 2004, after going through extensive works on its Neoclassical interior of Pompeian-style paintings and frescoes, its original glory was finally reinstated.

17 February 2020

Chef Apreda’s Wednesday Night of Pizza and Champagne at Divinity Restaurant

Immediately after the opening of Idylio Restaurant on the ground floor of the five-star Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel of the Tridente Collection Group, Chef Francesco Apreda further extends his talent to developing pizzas at Divinity Restaurant on the top floor indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel.

07 February 2020

Forbes Italy and So Wine So Food Present The 2020 Guide of 100 Italian Excellences

The first edition of the 2020 Guide of 100 Italian Excellences (100 Eccellenze Italiane 2020) by So Wine So Food, an international enogastronomic magazine in Italy, in collaboration with Forbes Italy, was presented at Mediterraneo Restaurant in MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome last 27 January 2020.

The project aims to give recognition to the enogastronomic activities that maintain a high standard and quality of Italian hospitality, service and production. It is a guide of 100 hotels, restaurants, wines and products that underlines the uniqueness of the excellence of Made in Italy.

05 February 2020

Three Rugby Mates Who Share a Love for Cuisine Open Almatò Restaurant in Rome

If they are not practicing their tackles or scrums in the rugby playing field, they are busy cooking and serving their clients with their fine dishes and wines. Rugby mates and co-proprietors Alberto Martelli, Manfredi Custureri and Tommaso Venuti, assume their respective roles, maitre d' and sommelier, restaurant manager and chef, at their newly opened restaurant, Almatò.

04 February 2020

Levyta of Queen Makeda in Rome Creates Pizzas Using Spent Grain of Tripel Beer

Brought about by the passion of craft beer by a group of friends, Queen Makeda was created five years ago by Pasquale De Lucia and his partners with the support of Laurenzi Consulting. Their goal was to establish a place where the culture of brewing beer was the focal point of the large space. There are thirty variations of craft beer on tap  wherein 15 different styles are present starting from the Indian Pale Ale to the Barley Wine, Waizen, Saison and Lambic.

03 February 2020

Beviamoci Sud: Celebrating the Great Reds of Southern Italy in Rome

Brought to the capital by the agency of Riserva Grande with the collaboration of Luciano Pignataro and Percorsi di Vino, Beviamoci Sud, the first Festival of the Great Reds of Southern Italy came to life in the halls of Radisson Blu Hotel in Rome last on the first two days of February 2020. Wine producers from the southern regions of Italy namely Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia, along with central Lazio, the hosting region, were present in showcasing more than 200 labels of their great reds in both days.

31 January 2020

The Art of Cooking at Culinaria Restaurant in Rome, Italy

In a busy tourist hub like the area of restaurant-dotted Roma Termini, it can be quite a task in finding a restaurant where you hope to find good Italian food that's within a reasonable price range. Just at the back of the Baths of Diocletian at Via Gaeta, a quiet side road, a dependably good restaurant awaits its patrons with its inspiring cuisine. 

Culinaria is a restaurant created by siblings Bernardo Folino and Maria Pia Folino who come from a family of restaurateurs. Having extensive hands-on experience in the field, they decided to devote themselves to a place of their own. Now on its fifth year, Culinaria enjoys an established local and foreign clientele who have gourmet-curious palates that assures them of excellence in quality.

28 January 2020

Rascioni & Cecconello Expresses The Excellence of Tuscan Ciliegiolo in its Wines

Considered as a minor grape, Ciliegiolo has long been overshadowed by Sangiovese throughout its course of history but in the recent years, interest has grown in the grape variety. It is now being produced as a dominant variety in blends and even more, single varietal wine in various wine regions of Italy like Liguria, Marche, Abruzzo, Lazio and Tuscany. Historically, its earliest mention was in the 1600s by Italian agronomist Giovan Vettorio Soderini in his book about viticulture Trattato della Coltivazione delle Viti e Del Frutto Che Se Ne Puo Cavare (Treatise on the Cultivation of the Vineyard and the Fruit That Can Be Obtained). It was mentioned that long-clustered large grapes called Ciriegiuolo Dolce with sweet and fragrant flavor and favoring warm climates was being cultivated around Florence in that period. The description of which matches the Ciliegiolo.

24 January 2020

Extremes in Comparison: Understanding Quality in Food

Two men, both experts in the Italian food sector, come together in giving educational tastings of certain food products to provide better understanding of the quality of what we eat. Estremi e Confronti (Extremes and Comparisons) is a series of blind food tastings organized by Roberto Rubino, President of ANFOSC and Metodo Nobile with the collaboration of Beppe Giovale, proprietor of Beppe e I Suoi Formaggi who hails from a family of cheese producers for 400 years. Its aim is to learn how to use the sense of taste as an indispensable parameter to recognize and identify the quality of agri-food products.

21 January 2020

Dining with a Spectacular Lake View at Croma_Lago in Ronciglione

The picturesque view of the shimmering Lake Vico surrounded by the Cimini Mountains captivates you upon entry to the glass enclosed Croma_Lago Restaurant. The splendidness of the landscape with its play of colors is the quintessence of calm and beauty, best enjoyed with a cuisine that identifies the environs laid out in front of you. Chef Andrea Fanti and his team have brought about a menu which showcases the bond with the territory through its local produce and raw materials creating a harmony between nature and the kitchen.

20 January 2020

Following The Romans at Favilla Pizzeria in Rome, Italy

Undeniably, pizza is one of the most loved food in Italy. Whether you are a local or just visiting the country, those smoky round pizzas topped with the essential classic toppings or the more venturesome combinations. Rome is dotted with pizzerias but finding a good one with good digestibility and uses quality ingredients doesn't come around often. In the district of San Giovanni of Rome, a few steps from Piazza Re di Roma is a new pizzeria called Favilla, owned by Giulia Pate, a 30-year old Roman who dedicated her time and effort in learning about the canons of pizza making.

19 January 2020

Idylio in Rome, Italy: The New Gastronomic Journey of Francesco Apreda

When Francesco Apreda broke the news about leaving Imago, his home for more than a decade and a well-known Michelin-starred restaurant on the top floor of the iconic five-star Hotel Hassler in Rome, it caused quite a stir in the Italian culinary world. After  mounted anticipation on his next step, he announced his new project soon after: joining the Tridente Collection Group of entrepreneurs Emidio and Fabrizio Pacini at their new five-star luxury hotel, the Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel along Via di Santa Chiara. Carrying the role of Chef Ambassador of the group, Apreda was entrusted the hotel's restaurants on the ground floor, Idylio, and on the rooftop terrace, Divinity Restaurant. With one of the most acclaimed chefs on board, the Tridente provides a primary culinary identity and a full-scale distinction in hospitality. In just a matter of seven months from its opening, Idylio was awarded its first Michelin Star and a string of accolades from Italian restaurant guides.

15 January 2020

Restaurant Sissi: A Destination of Every Gourmand in South Tyrol

After almost three decades since the opening of Restaurant Sissi, Chef Andrea Fenoglio has gone a long way from his small six-table space at Plankenstein Street in Merano into a bigger one with a Michelin star and three hats with Gault Millau at his current address at Galilei Street. Chef Fenoglio is one of the most celebrated chefs in the whole region of South Tyrol (Trentino - Alto Adige)  which boasts of 19 Michelin starred restaurants, five of which are located in Merano and its confines.

11 January 2020

Sensorial Gourmet Experience at Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino, Italy

Eating is defined as taking in food through the mouth: ingesting, chewing and swallowing in turn. It's a part of our daily living that we all go through routinely. But what if we slow down, look at it in a qualitatively profound way and employ all our senses in approaching it? The five senses will bridge the reinforcement in experiencing eating where food can be assimilated in a completely disparate manner to rediscover the pleasure of savoring it fully.

Hotel Vilòn in Rome, Italy: Breakfast at One of The World’s Best Hotels

Despite being a newcomer to the choices of 5-star luxury hotels in Rome, Hotel Vilòn has reached the top in no time. Accolades have arrived left and right and with its 18 distinctive rooms and suites overlooking the private gardens of Palazzo Borghese, occupancy is always full.  A well-deserved recent commendation is being included among the 129 hotels of the World's Best Hotels by Condé Nast Traveler's 2020 Gold List wherein only 3 are in located in Rome.

07 January 2020

Danilo Ciavattini, An Italian Restaurant Where The Story of Tuscia Lives

After an ample collection of professional experience in sundry kitchens around Italy, New York and Cologne, Chef Danilo Ciavattini, born in Viterbo in 1980, returned to his hometown in 2017 and opened his own restaurant calling it with his own name. But before directing his own kitchen, he went through a long and fundamental voyage of gaining knowledge from great chefs, accumulating a string of accolades and accruing experiences that defined his style in the kitchen.

03 January 2020

The Food and Wine Excellence of Lazio Region at Proloco Trastevere in Rome, Italy

When you want to get to know the enogastronomical products of the region of Lazio, there is one much preferred address to go to in the zone of Trastevere in Rome. Proloco Trastevere, opened at the end of 2018 by Vincenzo Mancino, his wife Elisabetta Guaglianone and friends Marco Natoli and Alessandro Salatino, is centered on the traditional dishes of the territory and selected food and wine products of Lazio that promote the excellence of the territory and tradition made by artisan producers.

01 January 2020

La Tognazza Presents “Amici Miei”, Combining Wine, Food & Music

The doors of Casa Museo di Ugo Tognazzi in Velletri opened once again on the last Saturday of November, the 30th, to an exclusive night of "Amici Miei", a creation of Gianmarco Tognazzi of La Tognazza Winery. Amici Miei (My Friends), a name borrowed from the popular movie in the 1970's directed by Mario Monicelli and starred by Gianmarco's father Ugo Tognazzi, is an artistic project that gives value to friendship through the combination of wine, food and music and at the same time a tribute to his father, one of Italy's most renowned actors in the 50's until the 90's.