The Union of Gastronomy and Art at Pizzeria Terrarossa in Puglia, Italy

A restaurant splashed with colors gives life to this restaurant located just around the corner of the Conversano Castle built by the Normans in 1094 along the wide walking road Corso Domenico Morea. Created in 2004 by co-proprietors Matteo Fratella and Mimmo Perricci,  Terrarossa was a union between gastronomy and art of Puglia, a place where the culinary identity of an incredible land and the artistic representations are highlighted. After all Conversano is a city rich in art and history.

Believing in the usage of fresh quality ingredients, they use only organic zero kilometer products of their area. Their philosophy is to give value to their land, which, on the table, they share the fruits of the local producers. Other than their pizzas, they have a notable kitchen serving local dishes like the cialledda, a healthy poor man’s dish with old bread and fresh vegetables dressed with oil and oregano. It's a place where Puglia is expressed in the aromas and flavors of their plates in an atmosphere typical of the region. A cradle for artists, Terrarossa embraces different expressions of art in their welcoming environment where local artists with strong ties to the scenic landscape of Puglia are hosted.

The menu is ample with very interesting proposals of pizzas and traditional dishes of Puglia. Pizzas are prices between €5 to €8 while the pizza of the day is at €10. Appetizers are between €1 to €4, pucce (traditional bread in Puglia using pizza dough stuffed with local ingredients) between €3 to €8, ciccio (traditional white focaccia seasoned with oil, salt and oregano topped with local products) between €3.50 to €8, platters of local cheese and cured meat between €4 to €10, meat main courses between €6 to €20, and desserts at €3.

Pizzeria Terra Rossa

Address: Corso Domenico Morea 14
70014 Conversano (BA), Italy

Tel: +39 080 4957208