Gagliole Rubiolo Chianti Classico: A Synthesis of Two Souls of the Territories

Like a number of avant-garde foreigners in Italy, the Bär-Bettschart family was struck by the beauty of Chianti as they decided to stop in the area and create wines themselves epitomizing the territory.
In 1990, Gagliole winery was born which comprises of two distinct vineyards in a total of 20 hectares and 16 more for the olive groves. Divided in a diversity of vineyard characteristics in the Conca d’Oro of Panzano in Chianti and another in the breathtaking ancient terraces of Castellina in Chianti, the Rubiolo catches the complexities of the terroir and the climatic conditions of both areas.

"We are proud of how the climatic challenges that arose with the 2018 vintage were handled in Gagliole. A quick response in the management of the vineyard and the scrupulous diversification of harvest times allowed us to bring healthy, beautiful and naturally of quality. And Rubiolo 2018 is in great shape, reflecting both the territories that gave it its birth: it has a wide and soft sip characteristic of the vineyards of Castellina in Chianti and a pleasant verticality, typical of Panzano in Chianti,” s
tates Thomas Bär, owner of the estate.

Rubiolo is a wine made with the pureness of Sangiovese in which the territories of Castellina and Panzano blend together, bringing balance while keeping the distinctive style of Chianti. The selected grapes were vinified in steel tanks and after the malolactic fermentation the wines were aged for 10 months partly in used barrique and tonneaux and partly in tanks made with natural cement, chosen because it favors the natural decantation of the wine and enhances the citrus and balsamic scents typical of Sangiovese. And Rubiolo 2018 is a splendid example of this.

Ruby red in color, Rubiolo 2018, the latest vintage, presents cherry and balsamic aromas, with marked acidity and soft tannins. It has a persistent finish which takes the palate from the varietal to the tertiary characteristics. This is the brief portrait of Rubiolo 2018, the result of careful procedures between the vineyard and the cellar that have been able to better cope with an articulated seasonal trend.

In general, Chianti Classico pairs very well with dishes, most commonly red meat, that gives a decisive taste. With the Rubiolo Chianti Classico DOCG 2018, grilled Pork Barbecue Skewers, a typical street food from the Philippines paired quite well. It is a surprising combination as Philippine cuisine is not easy to pair with wine because of the mixture of persistent and pungent flavors of sweetness, sourness, saltiness and spiciness. This particular dish is sweet, salty and spicy at the same time for the principal marinade ingredients of brown sugar, soy sauce and pepper. Whereas with the dipping vinegar sauce, it goes less well. It pairs well with the persistence of the wine, medium tannins and alcohol content which don't enforce the strong flavors. Being aged in cement tanks and used barrique, the wine is smooth without an overpowering sensation of oak in the mouth, emphasizing the acidity and varietal characteristics of the wine.

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