Decades of Highlighting Marchegian Cuisine at Ristorante Cavallini in San Severino di Marche

Brothers Luca and Simone Cavallini, chef and sommelier respectively, continue to accommodate their guests at Ristorante Cavallini in the town of San Severino di Marche in Central Italy. Going towards its 28th year from the time they opened it in 1993, the restaurant has taken the culinary tradition of the region to a level of gastronomic importance. Known restaurant guide books like the Michelin Guide and Gambero Rosso acknowledge Ristorante Cavallini with various recognition. In 2017, an award was given by the Chef Award, an event enhancing the concept of Made in Italy food products and rewards culinary talents nationwide who are selected on the basis of reviews obtained from the web.

Having grown in the restaurant world owing it to their parents who had a restaurant in Turin City in Piedmont, the brothers' interest in this sector came out.
Luca went to a hotel and catering school in the Marche region then he started working at restaurants in the area but it was in Cavalieri Hilton Hotel in Rome while working with Executive Chef Ermenegildo Muzolini for a couple of years where he had a good formation. Then in 1993, he opened Ristorante Cavallini together with his family. Over the years, he learned new techniques which helped him fine-tune his approach through courses with important chefs like Mauro Uliassi, Luca Montersino, Sergio Mei, Vincenzo Cammerucci, and Fabio Momolo. 

From the time the restaurant was opened, they never wavered from honoring the culinary tradition of the region. Be it land or sea, the flavors of Marche are countless and the kitchen of Chef Luca puts them in the foreground. With the best of his creativity and knowledge of proper techniques, his dishes come out with harmonious combinations of classic and innovative characteristics without failing to underline the authenticity.

The menu has proposals of seafood, meat, and vegetable options. The strongest point of the chef is seafood, cooked or raw, because the quality of the raw materials is excellent. His creations are influenced by Mediterranean cuisine with discernible tasty flavors. The appetizers and first courses of pasta and risotto are priced between €14 to €20, while the desserts are around €7. One of the most popular dishes is the Risotto with Scampi and Champagne, a dish that has never left their menu since 1993 for its continued success. The menu changes throughout the year so the entries differ between seasons. However, the chef introduces some dishes outside the menu when there are some fresh ingredients for the day. The Linguine all'Astice is very good so if it's among the dishes of the day, don't skip it.

The dining room shares the same importance as the kitchen in the restaurant. With Simone in the lead, the service is attentive with special emphasis on the wines that he selected for the menu, around 300 labels from the region, the rest of the country and some international entries.

Ristorante Cavallini

Viale Bigioli, 47
62027 San Severino Marche (MC), Italy
Tel: +39 0733 634608
Closed on Wednesdays