Alfredo alla Scrofa in Rome: Tradition and Innovation with Chef Mirko Moglioni

Seasonality, balance and positivity. These are the key ingredients in the menu of Alfredo alla Scrofa according to co-owner Mario Mozzetti, who runs the restaurant made famous by the Fettuccine Alfredo together with Veronica Salvatori. In line with the restaurant's metamorphosis of physical and philosophical approach to cooking, the restaurant's new chef, Mirko Moglioni, who joined the team early this year, proposes a totally modernized perspective to the historical Roman restaurant. He was formerly from another established restaurant in the capital, Margutta Vegetarian Food & Art, plus he had other important work experiences abroad including the US, Japan and France.

Mirko depicts his creations by giving life to traditional cuisine with modern inspiration by starting from fresh and quality raw materials. A study of menu proposals playing between tradition and modernity, everything is based on the seasonality of the ingredients and for this reason the menu changes every three months. The new Restaurant Manager, Carlo Paragano, formerly from Settembrini and Spazio Niko Romito, now takes care of the dining areas which accommodate about 200.

Alfredo alla Scrofa is internationally renowned for its legendary pasta dish, Fettucine Alfredo invented by Alfredo in 1914 at the same location made popular almost a century ago by Hollywood actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford in 1927. Owners Mario and Veronica dedicate their desire in maintaining the culinary heritage which had been attracting tourists from all over the world but with a new approach and the most current techniques, they are ready to bring Romans and Italians closer to their newfound concept of cooking. The classic dishes will remain in the menu in addition to the new creations of the chef.

Composed of classic and contemporary dishes, the menu starts with Appetizers From the Counter (€14 to €20) of selections of carefully selected cured meats, cheese and fruit mostarda (Northen Italian condiment of candied fruit with mustard-flavored syrup) and modern proposals for the Appetizers (€16 to €18) of seafood and meat. Traditional Pasta Dishes (€15) namely Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana and Carbonara continue to be part of Alfredo's specialties, most especially the start of the restaurant Fettucine Alfredo (€20). Seasonal Pasta Dishes (€16 to €22) take part in the chef's creative expression of kitchen like the Wild Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Gelato, a surprising contrast of temperature and contrast of the season's highlights. 

The Main Courses (€20 to €26) of seafood and meat are decisive in flavors like the Beef Prime Rib in Teriyaki and the Duck Breast Glazed with Orange and Honey. Concluding the meal with truly satisfying Desserts (€10) is a must like the Apple Tarte Tatin with Cinnamon Gelato, the Persimmon Variation and the Spiced Creme Brulee with Banana Gelato. The wine list is a journey throughout Italy and beyond in discovering small and big producers, historical estates and modern ones. There are two Tasting Menus which are both composed of 5 courses including Fettucine Alfredo: Meat (€60) and Fish (€70).

Ristorante Alfredo alla Scrofa

Via della Scrofa 104
00186 Rome (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 06 68806163
Open daily for lunch and dinner (Check with restaurant for current opening hours in observance of the Covid-19 regulations)