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Here is a list of articles that I have written for other sites other than Apron and Sneakers: 


Honest Cooking 

China Wine News

A Luxury Travel Blog 

Caseificio Ghidetti


  • Profile Page
  • 7 Amazing Dishes You Can Make in 15 Minutes
  • 7 Delicious Ideas For an Epic Panino 
  • 7 Towns to Visit Outside Rome, Italy   
  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Pack Your Bags and Go to Slovenia 
  • 10 Lesser-Known Italian Towns That You Need to Visit 
  • A Collection of Really Awesome Food Art 
  • Amazing Filipino Food Other Than Adobo 
  • Amazing Philippine Beaches That Will Make You Pack Up Now 
  • A Quick Guide to Taking Food Photos in Restaurants 
  • Best 5-Ingredient Easy Weekday Dishes to Put Together 
  • Croatia's Hottest Beaches That You Should Explore 
  • Create Your Potted Edible Garden in a Little Space 
  • Everything You Want to Know About Extra Virgin Olive Oil  + (Another Article at Apron & Sneakers)
  • Expensive Ingredients Actually Worth Buying 
  • Family Dinner Salads: Making Meals Simple and Healthy  
  • Habits That Only Italians Would Understand 
  • How the Italians Cook Their Broccoli Rabe 
  • How to Travel Light with Your Photographic Needs
  • Italian Simple Summer Dishes That Don't Need Cooking 
  • Italian Wines? No, Grab That Bottle of Italian Beer Instead!   
  • Italy Isn't Just About Pasta, Pizza, and Gelato 
  • Make Your Food Photos Look Professional  + (Another Article at Apron & Sneakers)
  • Most Beautiful European Cities to See in Your Lifetime 
  • Paradise! These Italian Beaches Will Give You Wanderlust 
  • The Best Simple and Healthy Pizza Combinations Done in Italy 
  • The Surprising Origins of Popular Foods 
  • Top 2016 European Destinations for Gals on a Budget
  • What Breakfast Looks Like in Different Countries  
  • What Do You Put in That Antipasto Platter  + (Another Article at Apron & Sneakers)
  • What We Don't Want to See in Your Food Photos 
  • Why Bulgaria Is Your Next Travel Destination + (Another Article at Apron & Sneakers)
  • Why Catalonia, Spain is Your Next Foodie Destination
  • Why Georgia (The Country) is Your Next Foodie Destination 
  • Why It's Amazing to Take a Road Trip in Europe 
  • Why Slow Food is Much Better For You Than Fast Food 

She Knows 

Skinny Ms. 


  • Profile Page 
  • Celery Root, Apple and Walnut Salad 
  • Fresh Bruschetta Salad 
  • Leftover Turkey Pinwheel Sandwiches 
  • Lemon Ricotta with Peas, Fava Beans, and Herb Flowers
  • Mini Breakfast Burritos with Chorizo and Feta Cheese  
  • Mini Vegan Pumpkin and Pistachio Pies 
  • Poached Saffron Pears and Mascarpone with Marsala Wine 
  • Persimmon Tiramisù 
  • Sautéed Peas with Pancetta and Onions
  • Spiced Rice Pudding with Saffron Syrup 
  • Thanksgiving Appetizer: Tomato-Stuffed Pouches 
  • Thanksgiving Cocktail: Godfather Espresso 
  • Turkey Alternative: Italian Stuffed Beef
  • Vanilla Pear Rum Cocktail

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