Low Alcohol Good Morning Cocktails at Treefolk's Public House in Rome

Just two months after its doors opened for business in a particularly challenging moment, Treefolk's Public House continues to reveal its layers of surprises. With yet another tough set of DPCM Anti-Covid regulations obligating restaurants and bars to close their doors at 18:00, the people of Treefolk's came up with quite an inviting proposal. They lowered the alcohol content of their cocktails so that they can be served for breakfast or whatever time of the day. Since alcoholic drinks are meant to be enjoyed when the sun starts to go down for aperitif or after dinner, the consumption of the same alcoholic beverages can be taxing to have in broad daylight.

And here is when Food and Beverage Manager Michele Ferruccio steps in with the perfect solution. As a child in a small town in the Basilicata region where his parents owned a bar, Michele grasped the real meaning of hospitality from his mother. Studies on Tourism and Hospitality Management at the university took him to Rome and eventually work in the restaurant sector followed. Then a course in Mixology convinced him to turn towards that specialization. Travels around Italy and Europe going through workshops, masterclasses, competitions and shows in the Ho.Re.Ca (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Cafè) sector gave him a solid formation in the subject and he started to occupy himself with cocktail bar startups in the capital like Ru.De., Sheket, Music Inn and Zuma.

Treefolk's Public House is all about taking the concept of British traditional pub to Italy and what better way is there than to introduce alcoholic drinks to pair with the food for breakfast? Thus the idea of Good Morning Cocktails comes up! Drinking Bloody Marys, Mimosas, beer and bubbles for breakfast has been practiced in Britain for ages while the Italians answer their breakfast calls with the scent and taste of caffeine topped with steamed milk foam on their cappuccinos.

The Good Morning Cocktails (€7 to €22) drink list is offered from 11:00 in the morning for breakfast and at different moments of the day, like lunch or for an early afternoon aperitif. The options start with the Welcome Mimosa, a refreshing Prosecco-based drink with orange juice that Michele combined with ginger and camomile extract. There is the Exotic which is a combination of fermented mojito and ginger flavoring and the Cask Spritz, a decisively perfumed and frizzy drink. When the English sailors sailing from India to England in the 17th century transported the punch with them, they actually took something important to the western world because it became one of the all-time favorite alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) drinks. 

At Treefolk's, there are two kinds of punches that are based on cider and sweet spices, the Real Punch and the Hot Punch. Bloody Mary is an integral part of the English drink list and for this reason, there are six types of proposals in the menu. One of them is Scotch and Blood which is a very interesting concoction that has a full savory body mixed with duck broth, Johnny Walker Black Label and tomato juice. An interesting invention is The Trickery, made to resemble beer but is actually a delicious blend of Jameson IPA Irish Whisky, Campari and East London Brew foam. Cofffee-based alcoholic beverages include the Irish Coffee, Classic Espresso Martini, the Cold Brew Bourbon, a cocktail that combines Ethiopian coffee processed through cold percolation and Créme de Banana. And a little ritual accompanies the Cremini Martini (€22), served on a tea service tray for two persons where you can pour the ingredients freely in your glass that you can adjust to your personal taste.

The breakfast format that accompanies these cocktails is created by Chef Valerio Mattaccini. Special creative tasting dishes are paired with the cocktails.
As for the breakfast menu, the offerings are British-inspired dishes using local raw material like the various egg dishes, avocado toast, a variety of club sandwiches, English breakfast set and sweet and salty maritozzi.

Treefolk’s Public House

Viale di Trastevere, 192
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 87656024
Website: https://www.treefolkspublichouse.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treefolkspublichouse
Open daily from 8:00 to 18:00 (Temporary opening hours in accordance with DPCM Anti-Covid regulations. For current opening hours, check their site.)

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