Piandimare Winery: Pride in its Territorial and Varietal Identities

We are in Abruzzo, the central Italian region which borders the other regions, Lazio to the west, Marche to the north, Molise to the southeast and the Adriatic Sea to the east. It is interesting to know that it is known as the greenest region in Europe because almost half of its territory which includes the mountainous Gran Sasso d'Italia is left untouched as protected natural reserves and national parks. There are 38 protected natural reserves, 3 national parks and 1 regional park inside Abruzzo. 

Piandimare Winery is proudly located in this green region. It is in Val di Foro, a valley nestled between the Majella and the Adriatic Sea where a unique micro-climate is created.
The territory where the vines grow is one of the most diversified in the region. The natural elements from the Adriatic coast, Alento and Foro rivers, the Majella mountain with its soft rolling hills and grassy pastures are fundamental constituents in creating quality wines that Piandimare is known for. The gentle sea breeze freshens and takes away the humidity from the vines during the hot summer days, an ideal environment for the cultivation of the Montepulciano grape vines. The winery, which is built with the best technologies, is surrounded by vineyards in slopes in the south face of the valley, where the mountain and the sea meet.

Piandimare has dedicated its cultivation only to a single grape variety, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, It was born in this land and it is the one that represents the territory, the tradition and over everything, the winery itself. Montepulciano is one of the most renowned and typical grapes of Italy. A late ripening variety and a fruit of the mountains, it is a grape that takes time to develop and needs dedication from the ones who oversee their growth. It has a strong tannic structure and it expresses a great aromatic complexity.

Piandimare is a cooperative born in 1986 in Villamagna from the idea of a few farmers who were united in cultivating unique and special vines. In 2014, the small cooperative has grown into a group of seventy producers, renewed its oenological perspective and aimed for quality. Prior to that, the winery had been producing bulk wine for others and with the 2014 project, they finally bottled their own wine. With the chairmanship of Carlo d'Onofrio and in collaboration with the specialized agricultural company Vitis Rauscedo massal selection was utilized to select and propagate the exceptional old vines to increase uniqueness in the wine. Oenologist Romeo Taraborrelli gave a fundamental contribution to the attainment of the wines' identities.

There are four crus in the land: Vigneto Monte Sapiente which runs alongside the winery that has dry and poor soil and the vines are trained in pergola trellis system which result in elegant and balanced fruit. The Vigneto dei Mandorli is about a decade old and the vines are trained with a spurred cordon system which results in low yields and very high quality. The Vigneto delle Ginestre faces north-east and the vines are trained with the espalier system in order to get the maximum solar exposure during the grape ripening and it is protected by a surrounding forest. The grapes it yields are brightly-colored and has intense fruity aromas. Lastly, its most unique vineyard, the Vigna del Trabocco where the vines receive the sea breeze from the Adriatic. It yields thick-skinned grapes with perfectly ripe and powerful polyphenols.

As soon as the newly-bottled wines were released, they immediately won awards from important wine critics: Wine Hunter of Merano Wine Festival, Mundus Vini, Gilbert& Gaillard and China Wine & Spirits Award.

Piandimare Blu Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC 2018

Made with 100% Montepulciano fermented in contact with the skins for 2 weeks in steel tanks for 6 months then aged in the bottle for 6 months. This ruby red wine best represents the territory with the distinguished varietal characteristics with the primary nose of mature dark berries and dark cherries with tones of salinity from Vigna del Trabocco's proximity to the sea. Still in its youth, it is quite impressive. The mouth is persistent, full and has a good balance. It expresses quite well the roundness, acidity and the path towards the tertiary characteristics. It's a wine that suggests what a beautiful variety Montepulciano is.

Piandimare Monolith Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC 2017

Made with 100% Montepulciano fermented in contact with the skins for 2 weeks in steel tanks for 12 months, then aged in oak barrels for 12 months and another 6 months in the bottle. It has a deep ruby red color with a complexity in the nose. Ample aromas of mature dark berries, sour cherries, and dark stone fruits pervade the primary nose as it makes its way to more distinct secondary and tertiary aromas of dried tobacco leaves, vanilla and licorice. The palate is persistent with a very good structure, silky, has medium tannins and an acidity that expresses well.

Piandimare Maja Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC 2013

Made with 100% Montepulciano that were harvested late in the season and carried out manually at the end of October. The fermentation in the steel tanks lasted for 9 months and aging in new French oak barrique for 36 months and another 6 months in the bottle before its release to the market. It has a dark and deep ruby red color with an ample complexity in the nose from varietal to the secondary and tertiary notes of very mature black berrries, dark stone fruits, and dark cherries, almonds, saline, forest floor, dried tobacco leaves, licorice, chocolate and vanilla. The mouth gives an equally persistent complexity of flavors intertwined with the strong structure, acidity and smoothness. It's a wine that displays harmony and elegance. It can be described as a meditation wine for its depth.

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