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Pizza Sandwich With Nutella, Coconut & Pistachios

Clams in Prosecco

Vanilla Yogurt With Pears, Apples & Chamomile Syrup

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Grilled Vegetable Bruschetta

Vegetable Pizza Roll Sandwich

Cherry Jam Tart (Crostata di Ciliegie)

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Iced Sencha Tea With Peaches & Lime

Mozzarella, Salmon & Arugula Appetizer

Spiral Vegetable Ricotta Pie

Healthy Baked Pasta-Crusted Chicken Nuggets

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Mango Basil Iced Tea Shake

B&B Gli Artisti in Rome & The Vatican Area

The Town of Ortisei/St. Ulrich & Val Gardena/Groden Valley in South Tyrol, Italy

Avocado, Chocolate & Almond Trifle

Chorizo Rice With Tomatoes