The Contemporary and Classic Coastal Cuisine of Abruzzo at Ristorante al Metrò

The Fossaceca brothers, Nicola and Antonio, grew up experiencing life in their parents' small pastry shop and because of this influential episode in their lives, they were enlightened to open a restaurant that expresses their own idea of cuisine and hospitality in 1999. Al Metrò was born in the premises of their family's pastry shop that lived on for two decades, still bearing the name until today, in the town of San Salvo Marina in Abruzzo which borders the next region, Molise. In 2013, they were awarded a Michelin star which they have maintained over the years until present. Furthermore, recognition in major restaurant guidebooks.

Both brothers' responsibilities were led by their passions. Nicola became a chef and took care of the kitchen while Antonio became a sommelier and took care of the dining room and the wines that can go well with the dishes of his brother. It's a perfect unity that weaved together a deep bond for the local culinary traditions and flavors of Abruzzo. Being very close to the Adriatic Sea, the path of the chef's kitchen is nourished by the abundance of the sea and local raw materials of the area which he develops into a contemporary cuisine by use of modern gastronomic technique.

Al Metrò depicts a seafood cuisine rooted to the genuine Italian kitchen, most often local flavors with a modern approach but without being too extreme. Delicate, interesting and adventurous, a delicious play in the palate, that's how you would remember the food of the chef. And to appreciate them even more, Antonio has a treasure of wine labels, from the best of the local production up to the important wine zones beyond the Italy to pair the plates with. He gives particular attention to small producers and natural wines. With both brothers' knowledge about the enogastronomic world, al Metrò is your best bet in experiencing a great dining service in the area. The restaurant's design is minimalist, stripped off from superfluous elements with only the neutrality of wood and concrete harmoniously blending together. This way, the dishes stand out and they become the only focal point of the table.

The menu has around five entries per course which change along with the seasons. In addition, there are two tasting menus to choose from: Classic Tatsing Menu (€75) which is comprised of 5 courses including the Triglia in Skapece Espressa (Mullet in Scapece), a tasty and aromatic traditional antique recipe of the coastal zone of Abruzzo in storing fish that's been fried, perfumed with saffron, marinated in vinegar then stored. The Contemporary Tasting Menu (€95) is comprised of 8 courses that the chef prepares at the moment. The appetizers and first courses of pasta and risotto are priced at €20, desserts at around €12 and the main courses at €28 with the exception of the specialty Brodetto di Pesce alla Moda di San Salvo (Fish Soup of San Salvo) at €40. This is another traditional recipe born in the 19th century in the coastal area of Abruzzo wherein the fish are cooked whole with tomatoes in the pan and not moved during cooking. It is customarily served with toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil or boiled pasta. 

Ristorante al Metrò

Via F. Magellano, 35
66050 San Salvo Marina (CH), Italy
Tel: +39 0873 803428
Closed on Mondays