Posto Nuovo in San Benedetto del Tronto: The Redefined Cuisine of Davide Camaioni

Meaning new place, Posto Nuovo is literally the place with the new concept of redefining the local cuisine. Posto Nuovo is a restaurant wherein the kitchen is a laboratory where experiments are conducted, ingredients are tested, ideas are conceived and dishes are styled. In the middle of all these is Chef Patron Davide Camaioni, a young chef who grew up in his family's historical restaurant, C'era Una Volta, in Ascoli Piceno and when he reached the age of 24, decided to leave the nest to study further and gather knowledge and improve his technique. Chefs Claudio Sadler of Sadler Restaurant, Sergio Mei of Four Seasons, Lucio Pompili of Symposium Quattro Stagioni and award-winning Pastry Chef Stèphane Pierre Thiery had been fundamental in his professional experience and learning stage. In 2017 he embarked on a new adventure with Davide Fabi Cannella by taking over Borgo Restaurant in Castel di Lama. And in 2018, he opened Posto Nuovo in San Benedetto al Tronto.

Posto Nuovo is the restaurant where he expresses his redefined concept of cooking. Starting from the way the dining area designed by Anna Monini is minimally furnished depicting essentiality with neutral colors and matte gold, walking inside gives a promise of something intriguing to look forward to. And the first thing that you will receive is the water menu to start your meal right.

While food is the protagonist at Posto Nuovo, wine plays an important role as well. The wine menu has an good selection of excellent Italian and French labels to coordinate with the plates that the chef comes up with. His kitchen is a composed of flavors that he takes out from memories, growing up enveloped with the smells and tastes of the kitchen he grew up with. His contemporary techniques and styles give them modern identities without losing the spirit of what territory and tradition mean. The key to attaining his plates is on rigorous selection of the raw materials based on their quality, the exaltation of their essence when they give the purest flavor and harmonizing them together without covering each other's characteristics.

The menu is always divided between fish and meat starting with the Appetizers (€15 to €19), First Courses of Pasta and Risottto (€14 to €18), Main Courses (€17 to €20), and Desserts at €7. There are two proposals of Tasting Menus consisting of 7 tasting portions of appetizers, Fish Tasting Menu at €33 with an option to add 2 dishes, pasta and main course which becomes €48, and the Meat Tasting Menu at €28 with an option to add 2 dishes, pasta and main course which becomes €38.

Every single dish is a fresh discovery of art and harmony of flavors and it's hard to pinpoint which one is better than the other because all of them merit a praise. However, do leave space for the desserts for the chef's passion for the sweet plates shine. An experience in dining is not just about how good the food is. It is also how the dining area is handled, and to this note, Francesco Abruzzese, the young sommelier serving the food exemplified a dining service that respects space, shows attentiveness and imparts knowledge in everything that is placed on the table.

Posto Nuovo

Via del Mare, 81
63074 San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Tel: +39 0735 367425