The Grand Brunch Tour of Queen Makeda Grand Pub in Rome

With the post lockdown rules, we continue to adapt to the "new normal". If cocktails and dinners in restaurants and bars are temporarily ceased, proposals for lunches on weekdays and brunches on weekends have become the strongest features of going out to eat. A big number of restaurants are offering weekend brunches at the capital and one of most interesting places to head to is Queen Makeda Grand Pub in the San Saba zone of Rome where they offer the Grand Brunch Tour every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 16:00.

The Grand Brunch Tour is a formula that is comprised of tasting dishes that are served in rotation (portions to be shared per table), a choice of a complete breakfast dish among the international proposals in the menu, fruit juice, American coffee and unlimited mono portions of desserts from the revolving kaiten. It's a rich formula for a very interesting price of €20 per person and €12 for children.

What's interesting about the brunch of Queen Makeda is its grand tour of the world with its international gastronomic proposals that are distinctively offered by them like Borek which are baked flaky pastries filled with meat, cheese or vegetables typically from Western and Central Asia, or Zighini, a spicy beef stew of Eritrea and Ethiopia and the Tabbouleh, a Levantine dish of bulgur and vegetables. Among the tasting dishes, there are Borek, fried potato rosti, onion rings, spring rolls, frittelle, chicken nuggets as for the principal breakfast dishes, there are the English Breakfast, a rich plate of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon beans and toasted bread; the Sunday Roast which is a full plate of different roasted meat served with steamed vegetables and gravy; Zighini served with mashed potatoes; Hamburger, a 200-gram burger patty with cheese and bacon and served with French fries; Pancakes served with prosciutto and cheese; Bagel filled with smoked salmon of the house, guacamole and salad, and Tabbouleh

Queen Makeda Grand Pub

Via di San Saba, 11
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 065759608