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26 March 2014

A Weekend in Abruzzo (Celano, Rocca di Cambio, Ovindoli, Rovere & Robur Marsorum Hotel)

Abruzzo is one of the perfect weekend places to go to if you are staying in Rome for its proximity to the capital. Just a little bit over an hour and you can be skiing or just enjoying the snow.  That’s exactly what we did last weekend.

25 March 2014

Green Mango & Yellow Kiwi Shake, A Handshake to Natural Vitamin C!

There! I finalized everything that has to be done in my list before I fly to Georgia. I officially have 2 hours at the moment before my husband, daughter and I pick up our son in school and go out for lunch then to the airport. He's going out early today from school to see me off at the airport while our daughter has been staying home since yesterday for an on-off slight fever. She plays, paints and colors all day to her little heart's content, like a toddler holiday. In fact, she drew me a picture to take with me with a big yellow magic sun.

22 March 2014

Chocolate, Ricotta and Pear Hand Pies

If you see my house now, you will wonder what's going on. Clothes have been going in and out of the washing machine continuously, ironing seems like my chosen marathon activity and it seems like I am running a restaurant with all the cooking that I have plunged myself into and of course there is the part of photographing all of the dishes. This is the time when I wish I had a wonder twin.

18 March 2014

Clementine Mascarpone Cake

I don't bake so much but when I do, I make it like how I imagine it to be. First off, no cream. I don't like them so I avoid covering my cakes with them. Italian birthday cakes are usually covered with cream so it's always a struggle for me to scrape off half of the cake away. It's a pity because I see how everyone raves about how good it is. What I like is the homemade ones - simple, with just a good sprinkling of icing sugar  or some fruits to decorate them with.

14 March 2014

Cantonese Corn Soup

Food photography has changed my life a great deal. I'm not speaking about the just professional kind but more on the phenomenon of sharing food pictures in the social networks. Looking back 10 years ago, maybe even 5 years ago, if someone whips out a camera or phone and takes pictures of his food as soon as the waiter places it in front of him, what would you think? I'm pretty sure you would have stared and found it rather strange. Maybe I would have too. But things evolve fast and takes turns in the unexpected ways. Now it seems like it's not even normal NOT to take pictures of them (or maybe it's just me thinking!). And this soup wouldn't have been revived in my kitchen if not for these shared pictures.

12 March 2014

Vol-au-Vent With Sautèed Vegetables


This morning had been splendid like the other past days we have been  experiencing. Sunny, clear blue sky and almost warm temperature. It's really spring! And when I started opening all the windows in our house, I can almost hear the wonderful music of nature (the birds were really chirping louder than usual) and an imaginary song full of flowery lyrics. I felt like I was a protagonist in a fairy tale being so cheery in the morning, before tackling the morning's chores. Then when my eyes landed on our neighbor, the music made a sudden stop and my heart skipped a beat.

09 March 2014

Focaccia With Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Olives

The weather is already giving way to a splendid beginning of spring. It's wonderful. It's beautiful. Oh, it is just so nice to be finally out again, feeling the sun beating on my skin, breathing the crisp air and the  enjoying the perfect temperature (not so cold and not too hot either). And just looking up in the almost cloudless blue sky makes me feel revived again. For the three years that I have writing in this blog, and if you have been reading what I have been writing, it is very evident that spring is my favorite season. And here we are again. I can't wait for the new spring vegetables and fruits to come out in the markets again.

08 March 2014

Zabaione With Coffee and Chocolate

Just gathering the ingredients of the zabaione alone already gave me the boost I've been looking for. Eggs, Marsala, espresso, sugar, chocolates. Now who wouldn't be energized with all that? The classic zabaione is already a source of energy and adding my two favorite flavors, espresso and chocolates is another thing. And of course, sitting down and actually enjoying it is the big booster of flavors and energy! Did I just say energy again?

04 March 2014

Mascarpone Cream With Berries

Today is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Martedi Grasso. Whatever you want to call it, it has only one meaning to me and the rest of the population who have grown attached to their vacuum cleaners these days. It's the official last day of getting rid of all the coriandoli (confetti) and stella fillanti (streamers) that have made their way everywhere in the house, in our clothes and just in every little space they can go to. And the roads and malls, don't even think how much work has to be done!

01 March 2014

Caramelized Sweet Potato Skewers (Camote Cue)

Snacks are like meals in the Philippines. The food is not as heavy but the importance of having a pause from whatever you are doing and heading to where the food is, is a part of a daily routine. I lived through those mid-meal meals and enjoyed them better than the real meals themselves because I got to eat a little of different things whether they are sweet or savory. The only problem that kept on arising was that my lunches and dinners suffered. I didn't know the word moderation when I was young. I ate more snack foods than meal foods.