Intimate Dinners at the Private Terraces and Thursday Cocktails at Hotel Vilòn in Rome, Italy

Hotel Vilon, a luxury five-star hotel in the center of Rome and housed in the annex of the Palazzo Borghese, a historical 16th century palace belonging to the noble Borghese Family of Rome, continues to serve its guests with its characteristic luxury and charm. After its reopening in June after the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy, director Giorgia Tozzi has made sure that all safety protocols imposed by the government are followed without compromising the usual resplendence and comfort of the five-star luxury hotel, including its in-house restaurant Adelaide headed by Chef Gabriele Muro and the In Salotto cocktail bar at the lounge tended by Barlady Magdalena Rodriguez.
From its reopening, Vilon opened more of its exclusive outdoor spaces to accommodate the guests of their in-house restaurant, Adelaide. It has widened its reach inside the hotel with much more intimacy and exclusivity in dining. Spaces that had previous exclusive access to the occupants of some of the suites have been opened to other guests. The courtyard at the central part of the hotel which is surrounded by ferns, philodendrons and exotic furnishings, has been opened as part of the outdoor dining of the restaurant. This also includes the orange room next to it where one table can be reserved for intimate dining between 2 - 4 people. The menus for lunch or dinner at the courtyard, the adjacent orange room and the indoor restaurant can be ordered à la carte or Tasting Menu at €80 (excluding drinks).

Tasting Dinner on the Terrace

An absolutely new way of dining is being introduced at Vilòn by booking the private terraces of their suites (if unoccupied) where exclusive dinners can be booked in any of their three terraces for an intimate group between 2 - 4  guests. The terraces, Il Nido is located on the fourth floor while the other two which are both on the second floor, are connected to the suites of Borghese and Melangolo. All the terraces have the privileged views of the interior garden of Palazzo Borghese with its Renaissance fountains and sculptures plus the palace itself. The dramatic backdrop provide the perfect setting for an intimate dinner surrounded by candlelight. Dinner in these terraces are by reservation only and costs €250 (excluding drinks) per couple for the Tasting Menu of Adelaide Restaurant.

Pura Vida at In Salotto Bar

The new offerings of Hotel Vilòn doesn't end with the new dining options of Adelaide. In its elegant and convivial lounge, In Salotto opens its bar every Thursday evening from 18:00 for special themed cocktail nights led by Barlady Magdalena Rodriguez. Like the restaurant, this should be booked ahead as well to maintain safe distancing among the guests. Behind the oak and brass bar, Magdalena creates mixology of great classics and reinterpretations using the myriad bottles of rums, artisan gins, rums, mezcal, tequilas and syrups. Accompanying the drinks are finger food entries created by the chef plus small platters of olives and dried fruits. Cocktails cost €18 for one drink plus 3 finger food.

Adelaide Restaurant and In Salotto Bar

Hotel Vilòn

Via dell’Arancio, 69

00186 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 878187


Open for lunch and dinner daily except Sundays (By reservations only)