A Michelin Starred Dinner at Home with Il Convivio Troiani Delivery in Rome

The pandemic has changed a lot of things including how restaurants work. After the lockdown has eased down, the fundamental directives of distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing the hands remain. It's a difficult moment for everyone but when it comes to adapting to the situation and conforming to the rules of the government, some take one big step forward to restart. The Troiani brothers, Angelo, Giuseppe and Massimo of Il Convivio, a Michelin starred restaurant in Rome, have decided to put themselves at the full service with their restaurant by proposing Il Convivio Delivery.

Chef Patron Angelo Troiani comments, "We are at the start, ready to start stronger than before".

What started as a way to reach out to their clients when the restaurants were ordered closed during the lockdown, the delivery service has gained momentum and is still being conducted. The delivery menu has a selection of proposals that come from their collection of great classics as well as novelties. They are packed well with effective pasteurization and packaging techniques in compliance with the rules and they do not jeopardize the quality of the products. When the dishes arrive at home, some can be ready to be eaten or some might require the final completion with easy and specific instructions to follow. With most dishes, you will be needing to turn on your oven and warm up the food for about 13 minutes. This assures the clients that continuing the work of the chefs, the food can be enjoyed in the comforts of their own homes almost like how they can relished at the restaurant.

Strengthened by the concept that "union is strength", especially in difficult times, Il Convivio decided to make an agreement with a food and beverage supply company for catering to organize deliveries in the best and most correct way possible. The company delivers the orders on behalf of Il Convivio Troiani in its equipped refrigerated trucks with trained personnel in respecting strict hygienic and sanitary rules.

The proposals at the Il Convivio Delivery changes often, depending on the availability of raw materials. For appetizers, the price range is between €8 to €16, pasta dishes from €13 to €19, main courses between €14 to €20 and one plate meals at €28. In my delivery menu, there were the Chia-viale (chia seeds served like caviar), an original creation of the restaurant with delicate tastes to start the meal. Cuttlefish, peas, Jerusalem artichokes aromatized with ginger, cumin and rosemary. Scallop gratin, friar's beard, mascarpone and bits of crispy bread with corallina. Lasagna with spirulina, king oyster mushrooms, bèchamel sauce of blackberries and cacio cavallo cheese. Mille-feuille with raspberry chantilly cream and cream of matcha tea.

To order, there are some simple things to remember:

Orders for the lunch delivery must be made by 18:00 the day before and will be processed from 12:00 to 14:00.

Orders for the dinner delivery must be made by 12:00 on the same day and will be processed from 18:30 to 20:00.

It is possible to order wines from the online menu which are discounted at 30%.

Minimum order is €80 with delivery included. 

For Il Convivio Delivery orders, call +39 06 6869432 / +39 3355248654.

From the end of May, Il Convivio Troiani went back to its regular operations at the restaurant with a 2-meter distance between tables and conforming to other safety regulations imposed by the government. From Mondays to Saturdays (excluding Sundays), they are serving dinner and this time with a lot of new proposals in the menu. Find out more about them at their site.

Il Convivio Troiani

Vicolo dei Soldati, 31

00186 Rome (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 06 6869432 / +39 3355248654

Email: info@ilconviviotroiani.com

Open daily for dinner from except Sundays