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30 May 2011

Elicopenna with Salmon, Pancetta & Green Peas

When I came up with this recipe, I was, as always, in a frenzy in the kitchen.  I didn't have so much in my fridge to cook so I had to scout for leftovers and frozen ingredients that I always keep for emergencies. I found some frozen green peas & spinach. In the fridge, I had one remaining package of pancetta affumicata and an open pack of smoked salmon.  Imagining the flavors, I was thinking that I would be creating something tasty.  I don't think i ever combined salmon with pancetta before. The only thing they have in common is that they are both smoked.

27 May 2011

Matcha Green Tea, Pistachios & Chocolate Rice

Here I am again with the rice dessert.  I guess by now I can officially say that I love cooking and eating them.  I resort to rice desserts because they are simple to make and require less attention in the measurements of the ingredients.  With my hurried nature, I tend to disobey measurement rules and baking requires precision.  Two small, active kids make you run, literally, at any given time.   I dream of baking those beautiful cakes that almost don't look real.  Sigh.  For now, I have to satisfy myself with quick & easy desserts.  So if you are looking for those picture perfect cakes, try again my blog in a couple of years.  Maybe I will be able to surprise myself in creating my dream cake.

Pasta alla Norma

Any type of food that has an attachment to Sicily perks my interest.  I will always stretch my limit for  Sicilian gastronomy. Among the regions of Italy, Sicily is one of my favorites. Not because my husband's roots are from there but because the island is superior in culture, history & gastronomy. Also noted are the people's friendliness that can melt any icicle & the outstandingly preserved ancient Greek & Moorish monuments scattered in the island.

24 May 2011

Sea Bass with Fennel, Lime & Olives

Oftentimes, I spend more time looking for the English equivalent of some Italian food terms in the internet than cooking the dish itself.   Everyone has his own opinion and declares it as a fact that it gets frustrating to have more than one word to rely on.  I am almost certain that spigola is sea bass in English. 

I occupied my time the past days switching our clothes from winter to spring/summer.  It was a relief to touch the fabrics of linen and cotton again while I put away the wool and thick clothes.  Just by the touch of the fabrics exhilarates me.  New colors are popping out in the garden everyday.  All the wonderful spring fruit I had been waiting for are coming out in the fruit stands.  I don't think I need do state that I love spring the most.   After being cooped up indoors throughout winter, it is a relief to enjoy outdoors again. 

23 May 2011

Dark Chocolate Pancake & Banana Towers

Pancakes drizzled with maple syrup take me back to my childhood.  For an afternoon snack, my siblings, our playmates and I would have them, noisily eating in the terrace or high up on the guava tree in our backyard with a big plank of wood secured in between the big branches.  It was a balancing act between a glass, a plate and yourself while eating.  Just the sight of it made my mother nervous that she long abandoned scolding us for having acrobatic tendencies to eat.  

Filipino Chicken Pork Adobo

As soon as the first beautiful banana leaf came out, I snipped it away. If only my plants could uproot themselves from the soil, I think they would all run away shrieking as soon as they see me lurking around with a pair of shears.  I feel like the sinister antagonist of a suspense film of humans against plants. Why a banana leaf?  Today, I decided to make a Filipino dish called adoboIt is chicken pork (or just chicken or pork) cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, peppercorns & garlic. 

17 May 2011

Strawberry, Basil & Rose Ice Pops and Smoothies

Because the basil in the frutti di bosco (mixed berries) salad was spectacular, it was imperative to mix it with the strawberries too. They even have a better partnership, I have to say.  It was divine. 

16 May 2011

Frutti di Bosco with Basil, Roses & Creme de Cassis

Little trays of raspberries, blueberries, cranberries & blackberries are carefully lined up inside the box of frutti di bosco that I took from the fruit section. When I was maneuvering my way towards our cart, my five year-old's eyes almost popped out.  Then when I went back with yet another big box of strawberries, I got scared that his eyes were really going to pop out.  I see that I struck a good chord.  He can easily dethrone Cookie Monster with his remarkable appetite of frutti di bosco.  In fact, at barely 2 years old, he was already able to pick his own wild strawberries & blackberries in the mountains.

14 May 2011

Roasted Asparagus, Scamorza & Pancetta Frittata

Let's take a little stroll to cholesterol lane this time and see how good this frittata is.  We are fast becoming a health conscious society but sometimes we need a break.   I never digress with the healthy dishes I feed my family but sometimes, we all take a vacation from it, close our eyes and enjoy what verboten food has to offer.  

I don't think it needs so much imagination to understand how tasty this dish is.  The three ingredients speak for themselves.  Oh, and there is also Parmigiano Reggiano.  Need I say more?

10 May 2011

Farfalle Primavera ai Fiori del Giardino

I'll just get a couple of things.  When I say that, I don't believe myself.  I am worse than a kid inside a candy shop when I enter food heaven a.k.a. specialty food shops.  I do try my best to keep myself focused on the essential food that made me take a trip there in the first place but I always lose the battle of self-control.  

06 May 2011

Rice Salad with Carrots & Chive Flowers

It's been a long time since I last dedicated a dish to my one-year old.  Since she weaned herself a long time ago from baby food, I didn't find the necessity to cook special dishes for her.   She drops everything for rice these days.  It's not really something I would gladly give her because she literally drops a lot of them on the floor, on her clothes and on her chair.  It's exasperating to clean up after one of her enjoyable meals but once you see a big smile of satisfaction on her face, you just forget all the backbreaking labor of taking away the rice from everywhere except the ceiling.  After all, we all went through this phase before reaching full dexterity of handling our eating utensils.

Grapes Wrapped with Emmentaler

Every night, my son likes to be read a story before sleeping.  My husband and I take turns in reading to him.  He reads in Italian while I read in English.  Our son understands both languages perfectly but he stubbornly refuses to speak in English.  He denies to strangers that he's bilingual and sees any Italian speaker who tries to speak with him in English as a conspiracy to take out his hidden language.  Once, I saw him speaking with an Australian couple who were struggling with their best Italian to converse with him while he insouciantly ignored their difficulty in handling the language.  They soon realized that he does understand English but was not admitting it.  When it was apparent that his little secret was uncovered, he moved to a safer ground - an Italian couple.

Grapes Dipped in Gorgonzola & Pistachios

I love appetizers that capture the eyes.  In fact, this is the course that I like the most.  There's nothing more enjoyable than creating finger foods, putting together leftover ingredients and just experimenting with flavors. 

On warm months, we usually stay outdoors in a bar across the road to a big playground enjoying a late afternoon aperitivo (aperitif) with a big spread of finger foods and little bowls of various concoctions.  We take it as an opportunity to teach our son to cross the road responsibly towards the playground and back to us.   More than once, he asked me to prepare a whole cocktail spread at home.  I balked at the idea of creating myriad little plates of food.  It seemed like a herculean task because I also had to think of dinner too and a baby who cannot detach herself from me.  But when our baby started to take interest in zooming along with his brother to the playground too, it was time to pack up the idea of sitting down in an outdoor bar.  The time to recreate it at home had to commence. 

03 May 2011

Zuppa d'Orzo (Barley Soup)

While looking for the English translation of orzo, I was surprised that orzo is actually known outside Italy as a type of pasta that resembles grains of rice that are slightly bigger.  They are called risoni in Italy.  It is a pasta shape that is commonly mixed with baby food because of its size.

01 May 2011

Oven Roasted Sausages & Potatoes with Paprika

This is one of those dishes that doesn't need so much preparation & explanation.   You just dump the tray in the oven and you have an hour to choose on whatever pressing matters to attend to.  Multiple choice:  A. Noisy children somersaulting all over the house that need parental intervention.  B. Find a "pesticide" for the toys that sprout from every inch of the floor.   C. Find another moving object as an alternative for a monkey copycat that tends to grab on to your legs hoping to peak at what's cooking.  D.  None of the above, I'd rather pretend to be a part of the bed and stay immobile for the next hour.   How I wish to choose D but I have to choose all of the above except D. Sigh.