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26 September 2017

Taste of Roma 2017: Wine-Flavored Gelato of Gunther Gelato Italiano and Vigne di Roma

I remember seeing a photo of Gunther Rohregger in Pinterest hunched over a table full of Post-it notes, bottles of wine and a computer while smelling the wine inside a glass. It was captioned that he was working on new gelato flavors using 14 different wines of Vigne di Roma, wine producers from Lazio (Italy) that were to be presented at the Taste of Roma 2017 by MangiaeBevi, a leading Italian enogastronomic guide. My interest was completely drawn to what his creative mind can come up with. His artisan gelato is not new to me. I am familiar with the clean daring flavors that he comes up with like his unforgettable (and not for the fainthearted) Gelato al Sigaro Toscano (Tuscan cigar). Wine and gelato are very interesting flavors to blend and if there's anyone who can pull it off well, it has to be Gunther Gelato Italiano.

25 September 2017

About...Strawberry and Red Pepper Gelato of Bar Della Darsena in Fiumicino (Rome), Italy

It's called "About...Strawberry and Red Pepper" and it recently won second place in the recent European Gelato Festival in Florence for its simple and frank refreshing flavors of red peppers and strawberries. Imagine a strawberry sorbet with a surprising gentle kick of sweet peppery taste. It doesn't overwhelm the strawberry, rather, its flavor wraps itself around the berry with a very light nuance of sapidity at the end. What else can I say? You have to go to the town of Fiumicino and have yourself a few scoops before the strawberry season ends.   

Bar Della Darsena has been around for years fronting the port of Fiumicino. It's a bar with a lot of tables and chairs which accommodate locals and tourists. It's a place where people meet to have something like coffee, cocktail, or gelato to cool down in the hot summer days in its big open space. And then gelato maker Vincenzo Lenci came home last May 2017 with great news. He won first place (senior division) in the semi-finals of the Gelato Festival in Rome.

Molo Diciassette Ristorante in Ostia (Rome), Italy

Ostia is a large community that's a fraction of Rome sitting near the ancient port of Rome on the Tyrrhenean Sea. It's a place where the sea is the protagonist in everyone's activities whether it's about sports, going to the beach or the most important thing, eating good seafood. Because when there's the sea in front of you, the catch is fresh and bountiful. Simone Curti and Fabrizio Moscara both grew up in the coastal town of Ostia. Friends and business partners and with a common love for fishing, they opened their first restaurant in their hometown called Molo Diciassette

20 September 2017

Il Cantuccio Ristorante in Albavilla (Como), Italy

We were en route back to Italy from our holiday in Germany and Switzerland at almost lunchtime and my two kids, husband and I made a unanimous decision in the car. We want to make it back to the Italian border by lunchtime for a good Italian meal. What can I say? After being away for just over a week, we were all craving for our much-loved Italian flavors. Our entry point was through Lake Como and with a quick consultation at the internet for a restaurant, I found one located in Albavilla, a small town in the heart of Alta Brianza.

08 September 2017

Brylla Wine Bar in Rome, Italy

Un posto dove bere bene, avere un’ampia scelta e sentirsi a casa. Brylla รจ il posto dove vorrei stare, Marcella Capaldo.

A place to drink well, to have ample choices and to feel at home. Brylla is the place where I would like to stay, declares Marcella Capaldo, a passionate winelover, sommelier and proprietress of Brylla Wine Bar. After my first, second and ultimately, my third visit to Brylla, I agree with Marcella. When I want to try new wines without wasting too much money, the only place I can think of is Brylla. It's a paradise for every winelover like me. A place where you can try excellent wines or extremely expensive wines that you might never even dream of tasting at all.

04 September 2017

Collecapretta Winery in Spoleto (Umbria), Italy

When a wine expert friend shares with you the name of the winery that produces his favorite natural wines in Umbria, then it's imperative that you go there yourself and try the wines too. So there I was on the grounds of Collecapreta Winery in Spoleto, precise like a Swiss watch on the appointed time on a Saturday morning, eager for an educational visit in the winery and a tasting of the wines that impressed a wine expert so much. The winery is inside the neat property of the Mattioli family where their house sits next to the two small wineries, the old one and the new one. The average annual production is 15,000 bottles divided into 11 kinds of wines and with vineyards totaling to 5 hectares.