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30 September 2018

The Neoteric Alpine Cuisine of Aga Ristorante in San Vito di Cadore, Italy

If you put two extremely talented young chefs in the kitchen, one from the southern part of Italy where Mediterranean seafood cuisine is celebrated while the other one is from the mountainous region where alpine influence is utmost, the result is a surprising innovation of grand ideas, aromas and flavors intertwined in a luscious approach to gastronomy.

The Amphora Wines of Lunarossa Vini in Campania, Italy

Mario Mazzitelli, an oenologist, decided to initiate his own wine making activity in 2001 with the collaboration of another oenologist, Fortunato Sebastiano, in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of Italy. He chose a 6-hectare land that overlooks the Gulf of Salerno at Giffoni Valle Piana near Monti Picentini, the mountain range in the Campania Apennines with an average height of 100 to 300 meters above sea level. Here, he found the ideal terroir that best expresses the personalities of his wines. His cultivation is focused primarily on Fiano and Aglianico, white and red autochthonous grape varieties with varying methods of vinification. Additionally, there are also some Cabernet Sauvignon, Falanghina, Santa Sofia and Piedirosso.

25 September 2018

La Riserva di Martignanello: The Best Roman Lake View Lunch

Rome is not just about historical monuments from the ancient Roman times. It is also a great place to see hidden natural gems, if you know which direction to look and which road to traverse. Just about 25 kilometers from the northern part of Rome, one of Rome's secret places is La Riserva di Martignanello, a restaurant stone farmhouse with a breathtaking view of the Martignano Lake, the smaller and lesser known sibling of Bracciano Lake. Immersed inside the Regional Natural Park of Martignano, the whole area has been set to preserve the wildlife in its surroundings. Along with the preservation of the area, there is an ascending 2-kilometer unpaved bumpy white road that leads to the farmhouse.

22 September 2018

Taste of Roma 2018: Where You Taste Amazing Stellar Dishes in One Place

The seventh edition of Taste of Roma is another big hit with gourmet food lovers flocking the stalls of some of the best restaurants of Rome. Taste of Rome is an annual event that celebrates haute cuisine of the caapital held at the spacious open-air Parco della Musica Auditorium of Rome that lasts for days. This year's event hosts 18 kitchens, 15 of which have Michelin stars and with more than 70 creative dishes available. This year's event is from 20 to 23 September 2018 (Thursday to Sunday), from 12:00 to 17:00 and again at 19:00 to 24:00.

20 September 2018

Professional Sommelier Associations in Italy: Which Ones Are They?

Described as a wine expert or wine steward in the dictionary, a sommelier takes on a challenging education and role in the world of wines. What started in France in the 16th century where the modern culture of wine was born, from the management of the cellars of the noble estates evolved to something much more fascinating in the 21st century. The figure of a sommelier now has metamorphosed to a function that has a wider scope in the enogastronomic scene wherein organoleptic analysis of the wine is foremost to evaluate the characteristics and quality, as well matching correctly food and wine together. It can be pursued as a profession but it can also remain as a valuable baggage of knowledge to those who are passionate about the subject of wines.

13 September 2018

Notable Dining at Dionisio Ristorante in Benevento (Campania), Italy

Dionisio Ristorante and Dionisio Bistrot are quite well-known in the city of Benevento for their food and wine. The restaurant is located at a side street from the main artery of the city while the bistrot, the more casual dining, is located right on the main pedestrian road of Benevento. Both locations are just a few meters apart from each other.

12 September 2018

Dining on the South Tyrolean Wine Route at Bad Turmbach Restaurant in Eppan, Italy

Just the drive towards Landgasthof Restaurant Bad Turmbach through the vineyards and old alpine houses and barns of Eppan is already worth the trip. With an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, the restaurant is completely immersed in the beautiful Etsch Valley of the South Tyrolean Wine Route. It is dotted by ancient castles, ruins, apple orchards and vineyards on rolling hills. And there's more to come when you arrive in the warm days of spring and summer when the private garden across the restaurant and inn is open. A very spacious garden surrounded by rows of vineyards and tables positioned under apple trees. The setting is unbeatable!

11 September 2018

Cocktails at Ostuni's Ancient Alley: Riccardo Caffè in Puglia, Italy

The cobblestone alleys of Ostuni, the ancient White City of Puglia, reverberate with life in summer as the restaurants and bars take over the little corners of the narrow streets with tables, chairs and bean bags. With the backdrop of white walls and cobblestones, the colors spilled all over the town create a unique and beautiful contrast of modern life in an ancient city.

When Friends Dream About Wine: Montevetrano in Salerno (Campania), Italy

The story of Montevetrano is an inspiration to everyone who dreams and who are keen to make it happen. The motivational quotation to stay positive, work hard and make it happen works well to push us in executing what we dream about. It was in 1983 in a wine bar in Rome when a group of winelover friends who frequently meet had this idea to make their own wine. At the center of it was Silvia Imparato, a professional photographer, Renzo Cotarella and his brother Riccardo Cotarella, both enologists.

10 September 2018

Luxury Hotel in the Roero Hills: Castello di Guarene in Piedmont, Italy

What a wealthy nobleman built in the eighteenth century from an existing Medieval castle for seven centuries still stands with its original splendor on top of the hills of Roero while it dominates the town of Guarene. The castle went through a redesigning and rebuilding by Count Carlo Giacinto Roero di Guarene who was an important aristocratic figure in Piedmont and also an amateur architect.

08 September 2018

The Wines of Italian FIVI Producers Featured at Eataly

September is the month traditionally tied to the harvests in the vineyards and for this, Eataly, like all years, dedicates it to the world of wine focusing on the spread of the quality wine culture. This year, the guests of honor are the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Independenti (FIVI) or the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers whose labels will be showcased in the enoteche or wine shops of Eataly in Italy and Europe.

06 September 2018

Deep Roots of Puglia at Ristorante Pashà in Conversano (Puglia), Italy

The story of Pashà is about a mother's courage and natural maternal instinct to take care of things when difficulties arise in the family. When the restaurant got a call from their current chef who couldn't come to work because of a medical surgery, the kitchen was going to be left unmanned. That's the time when Maria Cicorella grabbed the apron and commanded the kitchen even without professional culinary education. But it's not the first time that she took over a desperate situation like this because at a very young age of eight when her mother was in the hospital, she took care of her family's meal. In a baking dish, she put together the lamb that she found in the fridge, potatoes in the pantry and condiments then took the it to the local baker and asked them to bake it in their oven.

04 September 2018

A Bar, A Lounge & A Terrace: Achilli al D.O.M. Restaurant in Rome, Italy

A bar, a lounge and a terrace. In 2017, Achilli al D.O.M. took over the kitchens of D.O.M. Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel along the historical center of Rome in Via Giulia. Achilli al D.O.M. is affiliated with the historical and Michelin starred Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento of the Achilli family at Via dei Prefetti in Rome.