Treefolk's Public House: Gourmet Food, Whiskey & Cask Ale in Rome

When England meets Italy in one house, it's just a matter of time before it hits big in the capital. One of the newest place that opened Rome recently is Treefolk's Public House along Viale di Trastevere. It was born with the union of four former publicans known in the Roman pub scene: Andrea and Alessandro Buresti, owners since 2003 of the historic English pub Treefolk's Whiskey & Beer near the Colosseum, where they have already offered 120 different whiskey labels and 8 types of cask beer. It became a reference point for lovers of real ale. Later on, they started small imports from Czech Republic and along with two other publicans they founded Beerfellas, a company that distributes craft beer. Simone Casadio of Green Mount Pub and owner of L' Agricola, a laboratory and sales point of gluten-free products, the opening of which was driven by his intolerance to gluten. He is also the main supplier for Treefolk's, all the products from meat, eggs, vegetables and milk will be guaranteed to have good quality, fresh and sourced at kilometer zero. Claudio Moreschini, the fourth proprietor and the youngest, is a former director of the historic Lochness Pub and thanks to his extreme passion for craft beer with particular attention to real ales, today he became a professional in his sector.

Treefolk's Public House is one of the largest whiskey and cask bars in Rome with a collection of 60 labels of discontinued vintage whiskeys, 500 labels in the bar, a selection of 12 cask ale and 8 kinds of beer on tap. In Rome, it is the only one that always has the availability of cask ale. Cask ale, also known as cask-conditioned beer or real ale, is one of the best ways to enjoy beer. Mainly produced in England, the unfiltered and unpasteurized beer undergoes a secondary fermentation in 41-liter barrels entrusted to the publicans who are responsible for the delicate task of keeping the casks in the cellar of the pub and decide when they are ripe enough to be opened. The magic happens when the fresh unfinished beer that goes straight to the barrel stays with the residual yeast. The live yeasts help transform the sugars to alcohol which creates soft carbonation as it continues its second fermentation. With this maturation, the flavors are rounder and they adopt a greater depth of flavor.

Treefolk's Public House is one of best places to enjoy breakfast, street food, gourmet food, specialty coffees, whiskey, and cask ale. Yes, breakfast until after dinner if the circumstances are normal but as for now, they close at 18:00 like all the restaurants in Italy as part of the anti-Covid regulation (until 24 November 2020). The sprawling space which seats 88 (according to Covid regulations) is set in a 1920's English style space divided into three distinct areas with Chester sofas, dark wooden tables, black and brown leather chairs and floors covered in Persian carpets. The Cask Bar, a long counter with the beer taps; Sala Camino where gourmet dinners are served; and Scotch Room with its imposing counter with the best whiskey labels on display, all have their individual characteristics and function but wherever you seat yourself, it is always a fascinating view of what the gastrolounge offers.

"A constant research on quality in all sectors with the aim of using each product, selected for its top quality that gives life to a 360 degree sensory experience," says Michele Ferruccio, Food & Beverage Manager for Treefolk's Public House, an expert in the start-up of clubs, among the most important of which are Zuma, Rude and The Corner in Rome.

The concept of the kitchen arises from the harmony between classic and modern which are evident in the food and drink proposals. The kitchen is handled by Chef Valerio Mattaccini, that, after his experience as chef of Magazzino Scipioni in Prati, he proposes a healthy and ethically sustainable cuisine at Treefolk's Public House, carrying on the increasingly important concept of zero waste. The choice of products come from a selection of small producers with products of high quality. 

Treefolk's proposals start from 10 in the morning where the world of specialty coffee is highlighted by Massimo Carpineti. Specialty Treefolk's is an exclusive collaboration with the T68 roasting company where beans originating from Ethiopia, Colombia and Panama are blended. Along with the coffee journey, there are ten types of sweet and savory maritozzi (€1.50 to 4.50) made by Pastry Chef Barbara Meloni and of course the savory breakfast options like the proper English Breakfast (€15), and Club Sandwiches (€8 - €9). Bringing the British practice to Treefolk's, from 11 AM, the bar manager is offering a menu of low alcohol cocktails with base of prosecco and fermented drinks, as well as 6 types of Bloody Mary.

The gourmet dinner includes a choice of appetizers and main courses based on meat, fish and game, both à la carte and for tasting, where the world of beer, coffee and mixology will intertwine to give a unique experience. The choice of dishes are based on fish and meat from the Appetizers (€7 to €14), Main Course (€14 to €20), and Dessert (€7). There are three proposals for their Tasting Menus: From Kitchen (€40) has 4 entries that the chef chooses in accordance to the season's ingredients + Drink Pairing (€15); From Sea (€50) has 5 seafood entries from the menu + Drink Pairing (€20); and From Farm (€70) has 6 meat entries from the menu + Drink Pairing (€25). There is also the Bar Dinner menu served at the Cask Bar from aperitif time until after dinner with easier options like the Starters (€4.90 to €8), Savory Pies (€8), Burgers and Fish & Chips (€12 to €16), Oysters (€4 to €6) and Dessert (€7).

Treefolk's Public House

Viale di Trastevere, 192

00153 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 87656024