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30 July 2012

Bresaola with Rocket & Parmigiano Reggiano

Another heat wave is cursing us to stay indoors, turn on the air conditioners and limit my cooking to the minimum.  It produces too much heat and no one at home wants that, especially me, who has to stand in front of the oven and stove.  I did yesterday to bake some bread and I how I wished I was Plastic Man with elastic arms.   The heat emitted by the oven was so intense that it seemed like all my hair stood up.  Or maybe they really did.  With panic to open and shut the oven door as swiftly as I could, I was too frazzled to understand what was going on.  My bread came out so well that I can't wait to share it with you.  But that's another story. 

29 July 2012

Gelato con Mirtilli Selvatici & Meringe (Wild Blueberries & Meringue)

When I like something, I tend to hoard. I'm speaking about everything and nothing in particular. It's my nature.  Like if I like a shirt, I tend  to get the other colors too.  I guess you would figure how uncreative and boring I am in dressing up.  I am sometimes. I do admire the new styles now and then and sometimes, I do buy them but they remain at the back of the closet or if ever they do go out, they have a limited travel distance from my closet to the premises of my house.  

28 July 2012

Clafoutis and Marseille, France

As I emptied my luggage, I looked at the accumulating gastronomic souvenirs I took home with me from my trip to France.  There's an odd mixture of jars of tapenade, flower syrups, specialty sweets, a variety of saucisson, a big bottle of soupe de poissons of Chez Fonfon that I was debating whether to take home or not and some other biscuits I stuffed in my carry on for my daughter's impulsive bouts of hunger while traveling. 

24 July 2012

Kir and Mons, France

Starting the meals with an aperitif of a selection of tapenade and a glass of kir, I usually stumble through my meals with a lingering silhouette of alcohol induced stupor.   This is the initial phase of a voyage through a French gastronomical indulgence.  I always believe that if the beginning is good, the whole duration of the experience is unforgettable, down to the last crumb of the dessert.  And I am usually right. 

21 July 2012

Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Mouans Sartoux, France

I don't know how to describe these tomatoes to you without getting overly-excited.  They are the tastiest and most delicious tomato dish I have ever tasted in my life.   I am not saying that because I was the one who cooked it.  It's because it really is.  I can't even continue writing this without thinking of having them again.

18 July 2012

Pizza with Ricotta, Strawberries & Chocolate / Nutella

"Jot this down before I forget."   

"Ricotta, fragole e Nutellla o cioccolato sulla pizza bianca."  (Ricotta, strawberries & Nutella or chocolate on white pizza.)

I obediently wrote down what my husband dictated to me.  I looked at him questioningly.  He arrived like a whirlwind at home balancing a big pizza box that he took home for our lunch.  He explained that while he was getting our pizza, the owner gave a slice of pizza with these toppings to a friend who arrived.  He asked if there is still some more and the owner informed him that he made it for his kids which they finished immediately and that was the  last slice.   My poor guy went out of the pizzeria disappointed but over the short drive home, he thought of a solution.   His wife would prepare it for him. 

17 July 2012

Wild Blueberry, Mint and Flax Seed Smoothie

In the intense heat of the day, I see no sign of movement outside.  Everything is completely still and quiet.  It is sunny, the sky is blue and the air is clear.  It's beautiful.  But it all stops there.  When I open a window, the hot air wafts in and with panic, I immediately shut it close, double lock if you may.  It's incredibly hot outside.  No wonder there is no wandering living thing around. 

15 July 2012

Peach and Almond Yogurt Cake

I had gotten used to the pictures of the mountains that I had been posting the past weeks that it feels strange to see just a few pictures of food in this post.  Let's forget about the Dolomites for a while and focus on this cake.  Let's have a travel break.  In a few days, I will be bombarding you with pictures of my next travel destination again.  You can also guess where it will be.  It's a European country well known for its rich gastronomy and wine culture.  Neighbor.  Hint.  Hint.

14 July 2012

Pizza with Figs & Prosciutto Crudo and Monte Cristallo, Italy

Pizza bianca (white pizza) often graces my breakfast plate and it can also maintain a strong grip on my unlimited snacks during the day.  In other words, when I have the craving for it, I can get quite obsessed with it.  I love its slightly salty, thick, soft bread with crunchy outer layer, leaving my fingers damp with extra virgin olive oil.   And when it's freshly baked in the morning straight from the pizzeria's oven to my plate, it's another completely wonderful story of how good this simple pizza is. 

12 July 2012

Kaiserschmarrn with Frutti di Bosco & Wild Blueberry Sauce and the Dolomite Lakes

A year ago.  After the second afternoon that we had been waiting outside the closed Baita Fraina, we already had a feeling there was something not right.  This place has always been a part of our itinerary while in the alps. It's a restaurant that remains open in the afternoon to serve their delicious kaiserschmarrn.  It is an Austrian pancake dish (but also served in other countries too), cooked with raisins, nuts or apples, shredded to pieces and served with various fruit sauces or compotes. 

10 July 2012

Tomatoes, Blueberries & Fennel Salad and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo at the Dolomites

I have been home since early Sunday morning, really early.  We left the Dolomites at half past five in the afternoon on Saturday and arrived in Rome at three in the morning on Sunday.  The highway in Florence was closed for 10 kilometers for works and we were sent to a detour that took two hours to go through compared to the 10 - 15 minutes that we should have taken it at the highway.   It was the longest trip we did to go home from there. 

07 July 2012

Raspberry Basil Smoothie & Ice Pops and The Hiking Trail of Malga Ra Stua

Every stone, twig, insect and tree branch captivates the attention of both my kids while hiking.  I don't think I have noticed so much stones or branches at every single step we make before but I had to because both my kids find them fascinating.  But they are not satisfied at just looking at them.  They take them back to our chalet too.  And I'm the lucky one who carries all their prized stones and twigs in my backpack. 

06 July 2012

Orzotto con Funghi Porcini, Radicchio & Speck and Tirolo Castle

For me, Europe is synonymous with castles, deep history and diverse cultures.  If I could go back to my studies, perhaps I would have taken up European History instead of a degree that I barely thought of seriously when i arrived at the age of deciding my future.  I had thought of being a pilot like my father but I didn't reach the height limit.  I also wanted to be a veterinarian badly for my deep love for dogs but I can never be one because I cannot stand the sight of blood.   I also thought of being an architect but I am not as sharp-minded as I would have liked to be.  And that leaves me to how I am now.   A food and travel blogger by passion.

03 July 2012

Lemon Polenta Cake with Wild Blueberry Sauce and the Beautful City of Merano

When I arrived at the section of the polenta at the shop, I was at a loss.  I didn't know which polenta to get.  The ones that cook for 3 minutes, 15 minutes or 40 minutes.  I remember being advised not to get the 3-minutes ones because the quality is inferior than the others.   For that reason, I always opt for the pre-cooked 15-minute polenta.  Then there are the different kinds too.  There are too many kinds to choose from.  Sometimes I wish my memory is better than it is now.  I tend to be forgetful. 

02 July 2012

Truffle Tagliatelle with Chanterelle Mushrooms (Tagliatelle al Tartufo con Finferli) and Dolomites Hiking Trails

Sometimes I wonder why in the world we hike up the mountains and call it "enjoyment" Come to think of it.  We kill our leg and back muscles, we have to put up to our 6-year old's complaints from the first step until the last (even if he is undeniably the strongest and fastest among all of us), my husband sometimes carry the backpack carrier with our 2-year old in it, while I carry all our essentials on my back and most of all, we risk our lives going through the steep trails.