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An Italian Culinary Journey That Highlights Piedmont at Ditirambo Restaurant in Rome

Signifying a poem in praise of wine and love in Italian literature, Ditirambo, as the name means, is a restaurant that attributes its kitchen to the love of Italian food and wine. Born in 1996 from the value of good eating and drinking, partners Beatrice Gazzelloni, Edoardo "Dado" Micozzi, who had had experience at Roman wine bar Enoteca Cavour 313, and Luca Tenderini, Ditirambo is a second restaurant that the three entrepreneurs opened together. The first being Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro, a restaurant right across the street which serves genuine Italian cuisine. The central location of both restaurants at Piazza della Cancelleria make them just a few steps from Campo de' Fiori and a few hundred meters from Piazza Navona.

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