Dafne Garden Cafè: The Green Corner of Apollo Boutique Hotel in Rome Italy

The frenetic pace of the capital can be exacting whether you are closed in the four corners of the office or walking around discovering the sights of Rome. Nestled among the buildings of the Roman district of Prati, there is an idyllic cafè that offers an ideal place to have a casual gastronomic break. Newly-opened, Dafne Garden Cafè is the bistrot of the equally new four-star Apollo Boutique Hotel in Rome. Entering from its independent entrance next to the main door of the hotel, Dafne Garden Cafè starts welcoming its guests from breakfast to lunch and finally, aperitif in all days of the week. A cozy space surrounded by plants with a Mediterranean touch that was designed by Doppio Tratto Studio along with Fleur Garden Trastevere, the ambience calls for simmering down from the urban momentum outside. It is immersed in an unthinkable environment of the concrete of the buildings and roads where plants oxygenate the air naturally and luminous brass lanterns light up the atmosphere.

Dafne Garden Cafè's gastronomic offerings are structured on different time frames between breakfast, lunch and aperitif with an attentive selection of the production of small Lazio farms of the Campagna Amica circuit. Coordinating the food proposals in its start -up phase is Federico Cari, a freelance chef with extensive experiences in the starred kitchens of Il Convivio, Caino and Dal Pescatore. He is also a partner and co-founder of Bompiani, a Roman pastry shop that was awarded "3 Torte" by the Italian guide Gambero Rosso. An advocate of quality food, he is also the voice of the radio show "Sweet Side" on Radio Food Live while he maintains his catering consultancy position since 2018.

"I wanted to create a food proposal suitable for the area where we are, very dynamic and linked to work, but also residential with a more relaxed pace. Dafne is a garden café. It is a micro green oasis in the heart of Prati and I wanted this also reflected in the food proposals; many vegetables and aromatic herbs, starting with salads, as well as in the gourmet sandwiches prepared at the moment. I studied the creation of a Vegetarian Club Sandwich, based on wholemeal bread and vegetables, scented with fantastic summer herbs," says Federico.

Accompanied by fresh centrifuges and smoothies (€4.50) and various drinks, there is an ample selection of individual breakfasts options from €0.60 for a Mini Croissant to Waffles at €6. There are also breakfast sets available: Italian Breakfast (€5) of croissant, freshly-squeezed orange juice and coffee; American Breakfast (€15) of coffee, eggs and bacon, pancakes or waffles, and yogurt with cereals; Vegan Breakfast (€6) of coffee, vegan croissant and centifuge of the season or freshly-squeezed orange juice; and lastly, the Fitness Breakfast (€12) of coffee, whole grain bread with jam, yogurt with cereals and fruit of the season.

The light lunch proposals at Dafne Garden Cafè are Salads (€8 - €10), Tramezzini and Toasts (€3.50) and Pizzette (€4) and the highly recommendable Gourmet Sandwiches including the Vegetable Club Sandwich (€8). Aperitif is served with a classic drink list (€6.50 - €8) including two original cocktails, Apollo and Daphne accompanied by Platters of Ham and Cheese (€12 - €15) and a bigger plate for two (€25).

Apollo Boutique Hotel

After 80 years in the hotelier business, the Pontecorvi Family continues to follow their dedication by opening Apollo Boutique Hotel in the Prati district of Rome. Fourteen rooms, each with distinguishing colors and styles, are dedicated to the comfort of their guests with the exclusivity of quality and services that they provide. Everything in the structure, including the bistrot, is assured of being subjected to proper sanification in accordance with the safety regulations against Covid-19.

Dafne Garden Cafè

Via Fornovo, 2
00192 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 39745319
Website: http://www.apolloboutiquehotel.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dafnegardencafe/
Open daily from 07:00 to 21:00 except Sundays