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24 August 2018

The Alpine Wines of Weingut Haderburg in Salorno (South Tyrol), Italy

In Italy, the Alpine wines come from some areas of Alto Adige (South Tyrol) and Valle d'Aosta at higher altitudes. Weingut Haderburg of the Ochsenreiter family specializes in sparkling wines. It has two plots of vineyards, the Hausmannhof which is located in Salorno is the main vineyard of the estate where the cellar and the main production line is. Obermairlhof instead is located in Chiusa in the Isarco Valley where the white wine varieties are known to produce astonishing results with a good interplay of freshness and minerality. With a total of 8.4 hectares, the annual production is around 50,000 bottles. Furthermore, the estate practices biodynamic agriculture which means that they use only substances procured from nature and that they breed animals for their natural ability to enhance the fertility of soil. Weingut Haderburg was founded in 1977 by Alois Ochsenreinter, who also functions as the enologist and agronomist. In the succeeding years, his children Erika and Hannes took over the activities under his tutelage along with his wife Christine.

23 August 2018

The Mono Varietals of Weinhof Kobler in Magrè (South Tyrol), Italy

The South Tyrolean Wine Route, one of the oldest wine routes in Italy, begins in Nalles, goes through Bolzano, Oltradige, Bassa Atesina then to the border of South Tyrol, Salorno. With the interplay of the vineyards, monuments, and the villages, the route exudes a magnificent scenery. The majority of the wine production in Alto Adige (South Tyrol) is cultivated in this area wherein grape varieties like Merlot, Lagrein, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay find their habitat quite well. For a total surface of 206 hectares, white grape varieties dominate the number by 164 hectares as opposed to the 41 hectares allocated for the red varieties. The village of Magrè is along this wine route and it is the area where many excellent wines are produced.

The Young Star Chef of Kirchsteiger Restaurant in Foiana (South Tyrol), Italy

Chef Christian Pircher, proprietor of Kirchsteiger Hotel and Restaurant in the town of Foiana/Völlan in South Tyrol has received a multitude of awards for his culinary skills, making him the most promising youngest chef in South Tyrol. A native of Foiana, a small town above Lana, he keeps his family's tradition of the hotel and restaurant activities. Having a father who is a chef and growing up in the practice of foraging for wild herbs for cooking, his passion has evidently naturally sprouted from his genes.

22 August 2018

A Michelin Star in the Vineyards: Ristorante Marennà in Sorbo Serpico (Campania), Italy

In the middle rolling hills of the Campanian Apennines lies Feudi di San Gregorio Estate, a futuristic rectangular structure created in 2004 by renowned Japanese architect Hikaru Mori. It stands prominently amidst its perfectly combed vineyards. It is the largest wine producer in the region and internationally well-known. To boost the enhancement of the perfect unity of their wines with stellar food, inside the estate lies Marennà, a Michelin starred restaurant.

21 August 2018

Fiumicino (Rome), Italy: 13 Gastronomic Addresses To Go To

Arriving and leaving Rome by plane, you pass through the town of Fiumicino where Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is located. Just a few kilometers from the main flying hub is the town proper where the principal road sits right next to the canal that comes from the Tiber River then leads to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It's not just a place where you pass through to go to the capital because it holds an interesting aspect to make you stay put and enjoy the place too. For its proximity to the capital, about 30 kilometers, it is a seaside town along the Tyrrhenian Coast where Romans head to for seafood dishes. Fiumicino is a town where restaurants abound, hundreds of them lined up one after the other. Seafood is mainly served, as well as pizzas, meat, gelato, and practically everything that you can imagine eating. In other words, you won't leave the town hungry as there are so many places to choose from. But the big question is, where do you eat well? Having lived in this town for almost two decades and being particularly conscious about the quality of the ingredients used, here are the ones where you can go to wherein the degree of excellence is the protagonist in the kitchens. From very economical options of pizza al taglio (Roman pizza by weight), a genuine trattoria to Michelin-starred restaurants, and finally to an award-winning cup of gelato, here are 13 addresses to take note of.

18 August 2018

The 275 Years of Oste Scuro - Finsterwirt Restaurant in Brixen (South Tyrol), Italy

Oste Scuro / Finsterwirt Restaurant, a celebrated restaurant in Brixen / Bressanone for its excellent kitchen, has an interesting history to tell. The restaurant is housed in a two-storey building that was built in the 13th century making it as one of the oldest structures in the town of Brixen. Historically, it served as the residence of the religious canons of the cathedral.

16 August 2018

Lakeside Dining at Seehotel Ambach Ristorante in Kaltern (South Tyrol), Italy

Othmar Barth is known for his groundbreaking work for the development of modern architecture in South Tyrol and Seehotel Ambach is one of his architectural masterpieces. Set on the northeastern end of Caldaro (Kaltern) Lake, Seehotel Ambach continues to receive guests in a beautiful part of South Tyrol from the time it was built in 1973 by Anna Ambach. In 2014, it received Bolzano's award of Historic Hotel of the Year. Today, Anna's nephew, Klaus Maran along with his wife Melanie, continue the legacy of the renowned hotel with the comforts of the 21st century in an unchanged ambience of the modern architecture of Barth that overlooks the Caldaro Lake.

14 August 2018

Drink Pink at Bererosa 2018 in Rome, Italy

For the seventh year in a row, the 2018 edition of Bererosa arrived in Rome dressing the capital in - PINK! Cucina & Vini, one of Italy's leading gastronomy magazines organized the event at Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome. The palace was built in 1880 in the heart of the Eternal City by Prince Salvatore Brancaccio, exponent of one of the most ancient and illustrious families of the Neapolitan patriarch. Wine producers from southern Italy all the way up to the north showcased their rosè wines made with a diversity of indigenous and international grape varieties.

13 August 2018

Officina del Mare Ristorante in Fiumicino (Rome), Italy

With just about 30 kilometers of distance from the capital, everyone heads to Fiumicino when seafood cravings arrive. It's the nearest coastal town along the Tyrrhenian Sea and it has hundreds of seafood restaurants to choose from. At the town's long road along the beach, Lungomare della Salute, a dense row of restaurants open their doors to seafood lovers. We are in one of the coast's most prominent fishing towns, what else can be in their kitchens?

11 August 2018

Ristorante Gourmet Alpes of Hotel Bad Schörgau in Sarntal (South Tyrol), Italy

We are in South Tyrol, one of Italy's autonomous regions that is immersed in the best of what nature can give. Located in the northernmost part of Italy and bordered by Austria, it is flanked on all sides by the Dolomite mountains, never-ending green, breathtaking views, unspoilt nature, and beautiful lakes. But the list doesn't end there because South Tyrol also has the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy. Given its distinctive cultural influences and the abundance of natural resources, the cuisine is prominently alpine in foundation. A beauty in the dishes that only this region can convey through the hands of its chefs.

08 August 2018

L'Oro nel Piatto: Trattoria da Neno in Rome, Italy

Dubbed as L'Oro nel Piatto (Gold on the Plate), the special night at Trattoria da Neno turned out quite a success albeit the intense summer heat that hit the capital. Serenaded by the enchanting voice of Sara Jane Ceccarelli, a four-course dinner by Chef Luca Baldacci, and craft beer from Birrificio Maiella, the night, sponsored by Talco, a food and art promoting fashion brand, reached a full house.

07 August 2018

Molo 21 Ristorante in Santa Marinella (Rome), Italy

With a widened perspective in the kitchen due to his Canadian origin, Chef Kevin Murphy presents the Italian cuisine with a bigger spark of interesting innovative possibilities. Molo 21 is a restaurant born in 2012 from the union of Kevin and his wife Eleonora Fiorini who both specialize in gastronomy. Kevin studied  the Italian cuisine passionately for years in the 14 years that he has been living in Italy, attending numerous professional courses, one of them with Chef Antonio Sciullo. At the same time, he is also a sommelier because he believes that a good dish has to be appreciated with a glass of good wine alongside it. Eleonora on the other hand, studied Restaurant Management in Gambero Rosso and she takes care of the needs of their clients at the dining area of the restaurant.

06 August 2018

Centro Bistrot & Cocktail Bar in Rome, Italy

An air of novelty hits Centro Bistrot in Via Cavour. Two years after its opening, the four partners and friends of Centro Bistrot, Manuel Hassan, Amos Halfon, Daniel Camerini and Giulio Glam, give the direction to one of their most admired chefs, Salvatore Testagrossa. A chef who had a vast professional experience in different kitchens in France, England and his native Italy. After finishing his working stints at some of the capital's well-known restaurants, Baccano, La Zanzara and Vos, he made Centro his new home.

05 August 2018

Molto Ristorante in Rome, Italy

Molto Ristorante, elegant, modern and spacious in its residence of 320 square meters, has been in the neighborhood of Parioli since 2006. It has a distinguished setting of wood, iron and slate but with a ensconced cozy and tranquil space right in the middle of the city. There is an open wine cellar of important wine labels that has grown notably over the decade.

04 August 2018

Peppo al Cosimato Ristorante in Rome, Italy

When you are looking for a simple kitchen concept of fish and pizza, head straight to Peppo al Cosimato in Trastevere where Chef Emiliano Squiglia gives life to straightforward dishes using lesser known and affordable varieties of fish while Pizzamaker Francesco del Bene prepares classic and gourmet Neapolitan pizzas. Add the food to the interesting wine list and friendly service and you have one of the Roman restaurants to refer to when you want genuinely good Italian food.

01 August 2018

Grekos Ristorante in Rome, Italy

Casual Greek Food arrived in Rome through the doors of Grekos Ristorante in Rome. The restaurant that opened in July 2018 is located in Via dei Gracchi in the Prati area of the capital. Proprietors Mauro De Felice, Anna Paola Rinaldi and Fratzis Kakias, who originated from the island of Kos in Greece fifteen years ago, decided to open Grekos as their second Greek restaurant in the capital after Ippokrates in Via Piave.