Rude Centocelle in Rome: Taking The Extra Mile For Exquisite Fusion Food and Drinks

Created as a street bar in Rome from the idea of business partners Marco Zampilli and Cristian Ricci two years ago, Rude Centocelle has trodden to a path where food and drinks take the spotlight. With the arrival of Chef Filippo Benedetti in the kitchen of Rude in the middle of 2020, the food menu has developed an interesting twist of modern Italian proposals with fascinating international twists, most especially the exotic Asian influence. The chef proposes dishes that reflect his philosophy of research and processing of raw materials, his passion for Asian cuisine and his experiments on fermentation.

Filippo Benedetti is a Roman-born Italian chef who has a curious and adventurous streak. In the years that he had lived abroad, he gained various experiences in arduous kitchen work of influential chefs. His inquisitive nature prompted him to pursue ways to improve his technique and gather as much knowledge as he can. Avant-garde techniques in Northern Europe and his passion for Asian culinary culture paved a very significant path to his unique cuisine. What he believes in is the conveyance of his love of his work to his customers through the dishes that he creates. 

The idea of Rude is to offer excellent proposals with the right price and to be within everyone's reach while the service is precise and friendly to keep the clients feel welcome and satisfied in a youthful ambience.
With the natural wines and the cocktails, both classic and creative, experience at Rude is an inspiring discovery of unexpected flavors. It's a bit off the center but worth the extra kilometer. Open daily from late morning until early morning but with the new DPCM Anti-Covid regulations (closing at 18:00), get updated with their current schedule at their Facebook page. They are also available for delivery and takeaway until 22:00.

The menu has excellent original proposals of Appetizers (€8 to €10), Gyoza (€12 to €13), Soups (€10 to €13), Fish (€12 to €14), Meat (€12 to €15), Sandwiches (€9), Pokè Bowls (€9 to €10), Salads (€7) and Desserts (€6). The notable dishes are the Five Spice Goose Gyoza with truffles, marinated, smoked and dried egg as well as the Chicharrones (pork rind) with tuna patè, lime sauce and popcorn.

Rude Centocelle

Via Dei Castani, 228
00171 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0684387458