Alambicco: Rhumerie and Cuisine in the Coppedè Quarter of Rome

Alambicco is the newest rhumerie or rum bar that was opened by Federica Delle Vedove with the collaboration and expertise of Marco Scarfò in the suggestive quarter of Coppedè in Rome. It is a project aimed at highlighting the great rum labels with the combination of versatile cuisine. "We wanted to create a welcoming place in which to propose quality combinations dedicated to enthusiasts of rum, thanks to an extremely rich distillate list. At the same time it is possible at Alambicco, it is possible to try our versatile kitchen based on simple dishes and intense flavors. Marco has selected prestigious labels, creating pairings with Domori chocolate and cocoa beans, to make you live a gustatory experience that's unique of its kind," says Federica.

Alambicco is not just about rum but also about a good kitchen where it is possible to spend the early morning hours for breakfast while sipping the latest Mondicaffè creation conceived by Franco Mondi with The Bocs project, choosing the right centrifuge or Dammann tea and enjoying the fragrant leavened products. The lunch menu is configured on the simple and quick gastronomic proposals suitable for the office breaks in addition to the creations of Chef Federico Spiga who focuses on quality raw materials to bring out the genuine flavors on the table.

Great attention is also given to the aperitif which starts from 18:00 where cocktails accompany the tasty platters of cured meat and cheese. The dinner menu, structured on the flavors of the Roman culinary tradition is proposed in a personalized key by Chef Spiga. Some of the dishes are Ravioli di Carbonara Dentro e Fuori (Carbonara Ravioli Inside and Out), Spaghettoni Lagano alla Gricia con Tartufo Estivo (Lagano Spaghettoni alla Gricia with Summer Truffles), and Roman-Style Veal with Smoked Potatoes. 

When the clock chimes at 22:00, the rummeria opens with a very interesting rum menu some of which are Matusalem, El Doraro, Pyrat Xo, Plantation, J Bally and more, combined with a series of tastes between distilled drinks and chocolate to capture the most intense nuances of the best rums in the world. 

Note: Due to the current DPCM anti-Covid regulations, activities in the restaurants and bars from 18:00 onwards are suspended until the 24th of November or further notice. 


Via Tronto, 8
00198 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 3883463272


Open from 7:00 to 23:00 daily excluding Sundays