The Court of Palazzo Manfredi in Rome: Zed’s Signature Cocktails With The Colosseum View

One of Rome's newest and trendiest cocktail bars to head to is The Court, located inside the 5-star luxury boutique hotel Palazzo Manfredi. On May 2020, it reopened to the public adapting complete safety provisions after the lockdown. After almost a year from its opening, the bar has some new proposals to its guests. Flanked by two high walls with a 7-meter long travertine counter on one side and living room on the other side, The Court resembles an open air theater with a widescreen view in front – the majestic Colosseum and the Ludus Magnus, the ruins of the greatest gladiatorial school of ancient Rome.

A cosmopolitan experience with a melange of ancient Roman and modern particularities, Matteo Zed, renowned barman of international success who has also celebrated the success of  the publication his book, Il Grande Libro dell'Amaro Italiano, remains behind the bar counter with his new drink list for The Court.  He is flanked by Gennaro Buono, Palazzo Manfredi’s F&B Manager and candidate for 2016 Best Sommelier in Italy. The gourmet experience is signed by Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, the chef of Palazzo Manfredi’s Michelin starred rooftop restaurant, Aroma. Aside from the finger foods of the chef, there are also the sweet creations of Pastry Chef Daniele De Santi.

Both photos by Alberto Blasetti

From 18:00 until 2:00 in the morning everyday, The Court provides guests a high quality drink list, conceptualized with extraordinary creativity and techniques of  re-distillation, fermentation, clarification and fat-washing extraction. The drink list is structured on different categories: the Classics, the Signatures and the Seasonal ones and a distinct selection of Forgotten Classics and Unforgettable which epitomize the forgotten and timeless drinks in the history of cocktails. Mixology and gourmet food are the strong points of The Court. 

From the experiential background in Japan, Zed proposes The Rising Sun, a mixture of aromatic gin, yuzu syrup, matcha green tea, Moscato grapes and honey, using the same mixing techniques used in the Japanese tea ceremonies including the use of chasen and chasaku, served in a tea pot then finally to a matcha cup. Another signature drink of Zed is the Purple Sea, a beautiful purple gin-based drink garnished with a red coral wafer, a striking visual combination of colors, aromas and flavors played with the addition of blue tea, a homemade cordial of flowers and the Tuscan bitter Labaro Viola, pasteurized egg white and lemon juice.

Upper and lower left photos by Alberto Blasetti

Among the signature drinks is the Expression Martini, a totally transparent Martini espresso that's minimally garnished with a silver leaf and a coffee bean. There is also the Metamorphosis Negroni, a re-distilled drink that magically returns to its original shape as it is sipped thanks to the dissolution of the residual materials for distillation, enclosed in an ice skull where it is placed inside.

Another novelty is "In Suite Liquid Experience", a unique experience for two guests that offers the opportunity to taste Zed's cocktails in the exclusive terrace of the Grand View Gallery Suite of Palazzo Manfredi with dedicated waiter service for 90 minutes of open bar at €120.

The Court

Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana 125
00184 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 77591380