Tre Noghere Restaurant in Treviso, Italy: Traditional Venetian Cuisine in Valdobbiadene

Tre Noghere is an informal and rustic family-run restaurant immersed in the Piave Valley at the foot of the Venetian hills where Cartizze wine is produced. Surrounding the restaurant are rows of vineyards and rolling green hills, an ambience that completely plunges you to the genuine local tradition and environs. Traditional Venetian dishes and a good selection of the local wines make up the menu of Tre Noghere. Special attention is given to the quality of the local ingredients and following the tradition of cooking the classic Venetian dishes and specialties of Treviso. Tre Noghere has been given the recognition over the years in various national and international enogastronomic events and competitions.

A sprawling restaurant that accommodates 80 with a fireplace in the dining room and an outdoor garden. There are tables laid out in the garden which overlook the vineyards and hills, a perfect place to end your meal with the coffee. Popular with the locals for its genuine home kitchen where meat has prevalence in the classic dishes as well as some entries of seafood. One of its specialties is the Sopa Coada, a pigeon pie served in hollowed out bread and soaked in broth. Other than this, there are also other kinds of savory soups served in hollowed out bread. Pasta is produced at the restaurant using flours from Modenese mills and biological eggs while their spit-roasted meat is worth trying. If it's the right season, you can also get the Radicchio Rosso of Treviso which is grown in the area. Cakes are made from scratch at the kitchen.

The menu has an appetizing selection of classics from appetizers (€7 to €10) including an option of 4 warm tasting  portions of appetizers (€9), pasta and soup (€8 to €12), and main course (€13 to 16). The wine cellar is stocked with around 270 wine labels from the area as well as from other regions and countries. 

Tre Noghere

Via Crede 1

31049 Valdobbiadene (TV), Italy

Tel: +39 0423 980316



Open daily except Mondays and Sunday dinner