Slow Cooker Chicken, Potatoes & Mushrooms

You're not too tired yet of all these slow cooker recipes avalanching from my blog are you? It's ok to admit it because I myself am getting weary continuing to write about slow cooker this and slow cooker that. But let's face it. We still do have our slow cookers on our kitchen counters and we still are using it, aren't we? In fact, I have another recipe project for tomorrow that should be published in about 10 days. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I am the only one who takes away the slow cooker and puts the gelato maker in its place because I am already starting with summer recipe projects. I have a small kitchen so I have to learn how to systematize things around me.

But I can't let this creamy chicken recipe slip by without even mentioning it to you. It cannot wait another year. I loved it in spite of the cream that I added at the end. I avoid creamy food but if I can't taste the dairy in there, then maybe I will reconsider. It's understood without saying that white food is not the best option on my plate. But with anything, there is always an exception. First of all, the cream I used in this recipe is low fat so that helped a lot in reducing the full creamy taste. The next time you are wondering what to cook for your family, try this on your slow cooker. It's that kind of recipe that's nice to share with the whole family on the dinner table. 

Grab this Slow Cooker Chicken, Potatoes and Mushroom recipe that I created for Skinny Ms. It's a site where you will find a whole lot of helpful tips and recipes in living a healthier life.

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