Villa della Pergola in Alassio (Italian Riviera)

I've been keeping this secret of a place in my external drive for a long time and after I had just recently browsed through my archives, the pictures just came tumbling out to me and left me wondering why I never shared all these photos before. I took them on both my visits to this beautiful 19th-century British villa in Alassio, a town in Liguria (along the coast going towards France), Italy.

I already wrote about Villa della Pergola as part of the 6 Fascinating Resorts in Liguria in an article after a press tour in Liguria, an article I wrote for She Knows and another one that I wrote for A Luxury Travel Blog. I could have just stopped there but I think this really lovely hotel merits more space for the pictures I took. It is a very beautiful place (did I already say that?) with elegantly-furnished 13 suites divided into 3 separate villas set in a 22,000 square meter Mediterranean garden overlooking the coast of Alassio.

It is positioned on top of a hill that overlooks the sea and is completely surrounded by rare and exotic flora. The citrus plants with diverse shapes, sizes and colors alone are very interesting to see especially when their fruits are dangling. Definitely, if silence and nature makes you at peace, it is a little paradise to be in for the stillness that the villa provides because it's like staying in a haven for complete relaxation.

There are 3 villas in the sprawling 22,000 square meter area where the suites are distributed. Each suite has a distinctive character which are furnished tastefully. Each one is actually dedicated to the important figures who stayed in them, thus they are named after them.

This is Ruth, a suite on the first floor of the main villa, Villa della Pergola. It is dedicated to Ruth Hardinge Hanbury, the second wife of the Daniel Hanbury, the owner of the villa from 1922 to 1948. It is a large suite that opens to two small private balconies both from the bedroom and the bathroom. From the bedroom balcony, you can enjoy the view of Capo Mele and Alassio Bay towards France. Whereas the bathroom balcony provides direct access to the swimming pool and the garden.

Thomas, a suite on the first floor of Villa della Pergola is dedicated to Sir Thomas Hanbury, a British businessman who created great botanical gardens at Capo Mortola in Ventimiglia. The bedroom leads to a small balcony where you can view the garden and bay windows where you can get a spectacular view of the Gulf of Alassio.

A walk through the garden, the other villa, Villino della Pergola houses 6 suites in two floors. Like the main villa, the balconies in the rooms provide exceptional views of the sea and the garden.

Casa del Sole which means House of the Sun, gets a lot of natural light because of its special location. This villa has a two-storey apartment that is stylishly furnished and equipped with every comfort that you would need during your stay. On the ground floor, the sitting room has a direct access to the secluded garden while upstairs, there are two balconies with sofas, sun loungers, tables and chairs.

Villa della Pergola's location on a hill makes it an ideal place for relaxation and enjoying some quiet time while you are engulfed in nature and silence. But if you want to go back to the more upbeat rhythm, you can easily drive down the hill to the town of Alassio which is just about 5 minutes away (okay, maybe 10 unless you can drive like a race car driver through small roads), where you can find shops, restaurants and best of all, the beautiful beach. So if you want to stay away from the main hub of the noise but still be in the loop of what's happening, this is a great place to base yourself. 

Alassio is a town along the Ligurian coast in Italy and is just a short drive to France with a road that runs all along the coast of both countries. It's one of best places to see Italy and this coast is also one of my favorite destinations. If you are familiar with Cinque Terre (who isn't anyway?), the coast of Alassio is after it, going northwards towards France. This Italian Riviera is called Riviera delle Palme or Riviera of the Palms in Liguria (there is another one with the same name across Italy in Marche). It has magnificent beaches, beautiful towns and lots of space to move around.

I think these photos are best shared with you than staying hidden in my computer. Beautiful places and ideas need to be known like this villa. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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