One-Pot Meal: Cheesy Polenta, Sausage, Mushrooms and Eggs

How did your weekend go? Mine had been quite slow and quite pleasantly relaxed like most of my weekends lately. I decided to slow down a bit and smell the roses. Running around with too much haste makes things happen faster but I forget how to enjoy what's around me. Some things can wait and some things need more attention. I think it is time to make amends with myself for forgetting how to live life better and I want to start it with slow Sunday brunches with my family, still rumpled from the previous night's sleep. Yes, it is nicer that way.

But back to what I have here. It is a whole saucepan of delicious mono-portions of different kinds of food, all cooked in a single pan, following the order of cooking time. The ingredients that require the most time in cooking are cooked first then followed by the rest until the ones that just need a little warming up in the pan which are the tomatoes.

I put together some sautèed mushrooms, toasted polenta slices topped with melted cheese, eggs, sausages and quickly warmed up slices of tomatoes. It is a whole meal reminiscent of South Tyrolean cooking, one of my favorite gastronomical areas in Italy. With polenta in the middle, all the rest just blend so well.  

I have a weak spot for savory breakfasts because that is how I grew up having first thing in the morning. There are some habits and tastes that I cannot shake off anymore and that sets me apart from the rest of my family because they cannot associate salty food with breakfasts. 

That's when breakfast for lunch or dinner meals happen in my house. Sunday is the only day when we don't follow any house rules, when everyone is free to do whatever they feel comfortable with, when we stay together, when we also do our own things but over everything, to keep that family bonding intact. And I think even our dog knows that.

Preparing this one-pot meal is easy especially if you cook the ingredients in the proper order with the sausage coming in first and the tomatoes as the last. When you are ready to make it, get this One-Pot Meal: Cheesy Polenta, Sausage, Mushrooms and Egg recipe at She Knows. If you want more ideas for one-pot meals or just other recipes, check out my Profile Page there. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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