Garlicky Beef Tenderloin Tips (Beef Salpicao)

When I made this then went through the painstaking job of photographing it afterwards, I was suffering from having to stop myself from picking a little piece of tenderloin with one of the forks in the picture. Believe me, it was hard. I was aware that if I did so, I would dirty the fork then ruin the way I put together the dish. This only happens to me when I love the food that I am photographing while its irresistible aroma keeps on beckoning me to grab a piece. Beef salpicao, as it is locally known in the Philippines is a very tasty and tender meat dish that is pretty popular on cocktail hours.

Back in the days, when I was still a part of the working force, I loved passing by the nearby bar and meet friends for a drink after work. Beer is the most popular choice and that are always accompanied with little plates of appetizers like the Spanish tapas, different kinds of savory food in small portions. It was a way to unwind and get rid of the day's stress (and the day's earnings too?). If the bar serves beef salpicao, then it just has to be ordered. It is a very simple and quickly cooked dish of beef tenderloin sliced into strips marinated and cooked with Worcestershire sauce, seasoning and extra virgin olive oil then topped with a lot of toasted bits of garlic. If you try to imagine the taste, it is one delicious dish! 

If you are ready to try this big favorite of mine, get the Garlicky Beef Tenderloin Tips (Beef Salpicao) recipe at She Knows. If you want to browse my recipes there, then please click on my Profile Page there. You will definitely love this with a cold glass of beer or red wine.

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