One-Skillet Breakfast with Sausage, Beans, Roasted Grapes and Tomatoes

Now that my kids are back to school, my dog and I are sharing a strange silence at home. A week and a half of nursing them back to health after both of them got sick (and I think most of their classmates too) made the house busier than usual while I shuttled two food trays from the kitchen to their bed all day, all week. One wanted this while the other one wanted that, tea is too hot, more bread, water, juice, and the list never ceased. Work was tenfold but looking at their poor little sick faces peeking out from blankets until their necks, my heart just melts. Kids are not meant to stay in bed being sick. They are meant to be jumping everywhere, running around the house and just showing off their incredible energy and rosy cheeks. 

While they had been home, I just went straight to brunch on most days. It was easier to manage my time that way and in-between breakfasts and lunches were the only time when they are quietly watching TV. It was me-time in the kitchen. Whatever I can take out from the fridge and cupboards go straight to the saucepan and since I didn't want to mess up so much in the kitchen, one-skillet meals were the best brunch idea for me. 

Ideas for one-skillet meals are just endless. Put all the ingredients altogether in one skillet and put different kinds of food from the ones that cook the longest to the ones that cook fast. This is actually my favorite kind because I eating different kinds of flavors separately in one pot.

With this One-Skillet Breakfast with Sausage, Beans, Roasted Grapes and Tomatoes, I even roasted the grapes - the last ones I placed on the skillet. It's a full and complete meal and one to be enjoyed with time in your hands. So while I took some minutes off from my nurse duty with my kids, this had been one of the wonderful brunches that I enjoyed in front of the TV. The recipe is simple but you will just have to know the sequence from the one requires the most time to the one that just needs a minute on the pan. You can get this One-Skillet Breakfast with Sausage, Beans, Roasted Grapes and Tomatoes recipe in She Knows where I regularly create recipes. If you want to check out more of my recipes, check out my Profile Page there. Buon appetito!

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