Quinoa Nasi Goreng

Solar eclipses don't happen often so when I saw in the television that it can be seen partially in Rome, I couldn't wait for the day. Friday it was and both of my kids were home. After all the prep talk about the importance of not looking straight at the sun, explaining and demonstrating to them how the moon will cross the sun's path, we always go back to number one. What will happen again Mommy? And more than anything, they had an intensifying fear of the sun. They refused to go out and see the eclipse outside. Did I explain something wrong?

With the kids running in and out of the house (hiding from the sun, sigh), we kept track of the eclipse on a sheet of white paper. We only witnessed about 60% in our part but the sky became dark gray and the temperature went down. It was a strange feeling and I wish the kids were not staying indoors hiding from the sun. Sigh again. 

To change the topic completely, let me tell you about this Quinoa Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng is fried rice in Indonesia and usually, it is made with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), garlic, chili and toasted shallots. Sometimes, but not always, there can also be some bits of chicken, shrimp and eggs. Like any other fried rice in Asia, the bottom line is, you use the leftover rice with some other leftover ingredients. Fried rice tastes much better with day-old rice rather than newly-cooked ones. With this recipe, I used day-old quinoa in the place of rice. It was a delicious way to enjoy the flavors without losing much on nutrition because quinoa is a very healthy pseudocereal ingredient. So if you want it a tad different, use quinoa in place of rice and you will enjoy this Asian treat just the same. 

I created this Quinoa Nasi Goreng recipe for She Knows. If you want to see more of my recipes in their site, check out my Profile Page. A wonderful weekend to all of you!

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