Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice and Bacon Soup

The weather is a bit off again. It is too cold, raining a lot, strong gusts of wind are making everything fly (including myself at times when I walk the dog) and maybe too much snow for some of you. Being confined indoors is the only option around and we have to stay as functional as we can inside the house. Thank goodness I work at home! And it is also the best time to take out those recipes that we have been meaning to cook a long time ago (where are they anyway?) or experiment a bit for to create new recipes. I guess that's me.

Lately I have been drowning everyone with soups, both in the slow cooker and in the regular pan. I guess it is what we all want right now. Comfort food inside the warmth of the house while the temp keeps on dropping outside. The thought of having a steaming hot bowl of soup when the weather is unbearably cold or wet makes me paint a cozy picture in my head. It's a picture that makes me feel connected to everyone because I think in whatever part of the world we are in, it is something that we all love to do.

This time, I have rice and chicken soup. Yes I know, what's new? There are bits of toasted bacon in it. Or pancetta if you really want me to be honest because in my part I can only find pancetta and guanciale. Pancetta, bacon, guanciale or the likes of them are not really the healthiest that you can eat but once in a while, it is nice to sprinkle the food for added yummy flavor. As much as I would like to eat healthy food and feed my kids with what's right, I am guilty of some little perks like crunchy bits of smoked pancetta. 

Aside from bacon, I added a small piece of ginger. It might be strange to you but in Philippine cooking, ginger is used a lot when cooking chicken or seafood. It takes away the strong chicken or fishy taste from the food. And that completes this soup for me. It's creamy and delicious. Perfect for these days. 

You can find my Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken, Rice and Bacon Soup recipe at She Knows where I frequently create recipes. Check out my Profile Page to see what other recipes I have there. Meantime, I hope you enjoy this one! Enjoy your Friday! 

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