Easy One-Pot Chicken and Rice Dinner

The first week of school is incredibly chaotic. Full-day and half-day classes all end at the same time. Since all the kids go out practically at the same time with 5 - 15 minute intervals in between them, looking for parking is hopeless. I always end up parking at where I am not supposed to (sshhh!), always fearing in getting a ticket. I'm that car that is always parked a tad too close to the traffic light. It's fishbone parking so making it longer than it should be takes away one lane for the cars who need to turn.

Since I have two kids to pick up, I pick up my daughter from the kindergarten then we walk towards the other side of the school where there is a wall of parents picking up their kids too. The students are not allowed to go out of the building unless the teachers identify the parents who are picking the students up at the exit. It's a slow process but it's to ensure the safety of the students. Try to imagine hundreds of kids with the same number of parents plus the second or third kids altogether in one square. Yesterday, I saw some of the parents of my kids' classmates with two kids like me who were rushing from one exit to another, lugging their kids' heavy rucksacks and uniforms (they are worn on top of the regular clothes) strewn on their shoulders. Once, I saw a father lugging three big rucksacks and three uniforms strewn on whatever part of his body while holding the hand of the smallest child and making the other two follow him. Me, I lug two with the uniforms on my shoulder. 

I always take home two hungry children and an easy dish is always handy. The rice is usually cooked much ahead, usually the leftover from the previous day. Day-old rice is better to use than freshly-cooked ones in mixed rice dishes like this one because it is less humid. To flavor it, I just use soy sauce and lemon. The kids love this Asian mixture and I get to feed them both chicken and rice for a healthy and filling meal. I grew up with a dish called adobo which is a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar but ever since I started to cook on my own, I replaced the vinegar with lemon. 

You can find my Easy One-Pot Chicken and Rice Dinner recipe at Skinny Ms. It's a site about healthy living with tips and resources on how to cook, eat, exercise and everything you want to know in keeping your bodies in good shape. Until the next post!

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