Healthy Mashed Potatoes Wrapped in Spinach

Violet is my daughter's favorite color and when I use anything violet, she's very active in helping me set up the table for photographing. And when I say that I need violet flowers, she runs faster than a roadrunner to get me not one, but the whole plants' flowers, leaving maybe one so that the bees don't get hungry. Well at least there's a nice thought. Now that both my kids are bigger than when I started blogging, they participate in my work. They are my second and third set of eyes who help me coordinate the colors and give me ideas on what to use as props. My daughter specializes in violet while my son is more open-minded to other colors. After putting together plates continuously almost everyday, I run out of ideas sometimes and my two little assistants step in.

My daughter's work of art.

When I speak with other moms about what they feed their kids and what problems they encounter in what food their kids eat and avoid, I feel pacified with my frustrations. Things get better over the years with the choices of food. They accept more vegetables and their taste buds change, for the better. In fact, I started this blog when I started putting more attention to cooking my older son's meals. He was, like all 5-year old kids, very picky. Now my work is done with him because he eats almost everything - just not anything white, especially mozzarella. Ahem, I am still working on that part because it's hard to avoid mozzarella in Italy.

Eating healthy is my main concern at home but I don't forget about eating "unhealthy" snacks too. After all, they are kids and they are entitled to have fun at times. Maybe I am wrong but I was once a kid too and I remember how wonderful it was to snack on chips whenever my Mom allowed me. I don't want them to grow up wondering how chips taste like. I want them to know that they can eat them but know what is good and bad for their bodies. I think my greatest achievement was when my son chose pizza (pizzas are healthy in Italy by the way) instead of chicken nuggets in a fast food chain.

Now, if my son doesn't like white food, my daughter doesn't like green food because it's the color of vegetables. She eats mozzarella and everything white though. She was not in her usual refusal of eating green when she saw these mashed potatoes wraps because of the violet flowers (chive blossoms) that I wrapped on top. They looked like little presents and she did eat some, taking away the green of course. Thank God for violet flowers!

Mashed potatoes are often included in meals and when you have guests, this is a nice way to serve them. And it's also healthy because I use almond oil (replace with other neutral-flavored oil if you don't have it) in place of the usual butter in the mashed potatoes. Milk or buttermilk have their own health benefits too. Scroll down to see how it's done then go to Skinny Ms. to get the full recipe of this Healthy Mashed Potatoes Wrapped in Spinach. I hope you liked this post. For more of my recipes, come back once in a while here. Thanks for stopping by!

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