Healthy Soy-Lime Chicken Skewers

Going around Asia, the streets are a melting pot of street food. Movable carts selling different kinds of specialties line the sidewalks while you walk around and hop from one stall to another. In those small carts are also portable stoves or grills to cook the food while you wait. The variety is incredible and most of the time, they taste even better than the ones at home. 

Back in the days, I was one of the patrons of these street food carts patiently standing around the frying pans or grills while I wait for my food to be cooked. Pork barbecue skewers were in demand as far as I remember. Everyone wanted them! You can smell the aroma from blocks away and it was so inviting. But as much as it is wonderful to indulge myself there with more sticks than I can handle, the meat is still pork and a few slabs of fat are usually sandwiched in between the meat for better cooking. It's not the healthiest so it's not something that I can handle frequently.

Reminiscent of those good old days, I came up with something similar and a much healthier version. I used the white chicken meat instead of the pork, thinly sliced so they absorb the marinade well. I put the minimum ingredients in the marinade so as not to make it heavy. Then grill them. It's an easy healthy recipe with very tasty result and everyone loves them.

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