Seafood Spaghetti Baked in Parchment Pouches

Treats, big or small, come in tied packages. That is exactly what this is when I have the luxury of having extra time to pamper myself and my family with something delicious. I love wrapping up individual portions in parchment paper, minding which one belongs to whom with different colored silicone strings to remind me because the four of us have different quantities to eat and ingredients that some don't eat and some do.

But don't worry, the specific segregating only happens in my family because with my kids, anything can erupt if there is a misplaced clam in the wrong package or a dangling tentacle that I missed. I'm sure you know what I mean if your kids are like mine. It's like running a restaurant with very rigid customers who don't even pay. But what I get in return is much more than anything with monetary value because their company alone is special (even if they are quite noisy and demanding) and the thank-yous and hugs I get when I make something that they love is priceless.

Parents with older kids remind me that this is the best family period when both kids are still clinging to us. Sure, there's a ton of work and stress but when they start to grow up, the noise will diminish and the calls for Mommy will also fade as they start minding things on their own and start spending more time out with their friends. Maybe I won't miss the clutter of toys in every nook and cranny of the house or when I finally get to sit down and eat my cold lunch after I settle them both down with their food, but yes, these moments make our family moments special. And a part of it is the oohs and aahs I hear whenever they open their parchment pouches.

There are two ways to make this pasta, well maybe I should say, two colors. One is with tomato purèe which makes it quite red and one is with fresh tomatoes (datterini is my preferred variety or use sweet and tasty cherry tomatoes if you cannot find them) which leaves them white. Tastewise, I prefer the white because it has a cleaner taste and you can really taste the seafood while the one with the purèe tends to be overwhelming at times. Cooking this requires a little bit more effort because after cooking the seafood in the saucepan and the pasta in another one of its own, you put them together in the saucepan then wrap them in parchment pouches to bake for the finishing minutes. You will be rewarded with such a wonderful aroma and stronger flavors. It can be a perfect weekend lunch!

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