Mustard, Sausage and Onions in a Skillet

What can I do without one-pot dinners? They are easy to put together, I use only one pot in cooking and yes, I wash only one pot too! There are times when cooking is great while you're doing it but when you finally conclude the plate with the finishing touch and you start looking around the kitchen for the mess that you created, you just want to seal the door of the kitchen and close it. Cooking is fun but cleaning up is another thing. But bring it on, I cook so I clean up after myself too!

One-pot dinners are tastier because of using the same pot for the whole dinner. I've created some and not a single one was a disappointment. With this one, I cooked the onions ahead for a long time before adding the sausages. The mustard mixed pretty well with both the onions and the sausages thus, giving them a spectacular flavor. For those who are concerned about the volume of onions in the dish (like my husband), don't worry because the longer you cook onions, the less they smell and taste oniony. 

If you like the idea of having this Mustard, Sausage and Onions in a Skillet recipe for your next dinner, go for it because it is a good one to share with your family and friends with a cold glass of beer. I created this recipe for She Knows and if you would like to check out my other recipes there, go to my Profile Page and check them out. Have a great week everyone!

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