Fig Tartlets with Custard Cream and Pistachios

Our fig tree yielded quite a good batch of fruit this summer and for the first time after more than a decade, we had the tree to ourselves. It's an old tree planted by the person who lived in our house years before we moved in and it's located right in the middle of two garages, one ours and the other, our neighbor's. Now that neighbor moved away and we had full access this year. And you know what? Figs are my second favorite fruit (next to mangoes).

After I walk our dog in the morning, I pass by the tree and get the figs that are already ready. One quick pull and they easily detach. While I look for the ripe ones, our dog eats the ones that fell on the ground. He loves them too and would get quite angry if I try to take him back to the house. Sometimes, when he's missing, I would find him under the tree munching on figs.

Freshly picked figs that are in their ripest state are probably the best things that nature gave us (okay, I'm biased). This summer, we had quite a lot to eat and I also created a number of recipes where I used them. This is one of the recipes. Using a store-bought puff pastry, I put some custard cream on it, the figs on top and a sprinkling of pistachios. If you have a bottle of Passito di Pantelleria or other similar straw wine, put some in the custard cream to give it a deeper flavor. If not, don't worry, the tartlets are delicious even without. I absolutely loved these tartlets and after photographing them, they were gone in the blink of an eye.

I created this Fig Tartlets with Custard Cream and Pistachios recipe for She Knows. If you are not familiar with the site yet, it might interest you because it has so many topics to choose from like entertainment, food, parenting, travel, and a lot of other interesting reads. If you liked this recipe, you might also like my other recipes at She Knows so go to my Profile Page and check out the recipes there. I hope you enjoy this simple dessert. I did (so much)! 

I am doing my last travel with my family before school starts for the kids on Monday. We are staying in one of the most beautiful Italian villages (I Borghi Più Belli d'Italia) in the south called Sant'Agata de' Goti and you have to see this night picture I took to believe me. I'm hoping to share more travel posts in the future, so please bear with me. Enjoy your weekend!

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