Caprese Salad in a Jar

The colors of the Italian flag are red, white and green and that is always the first comment anyone says when they see the Caprese Salad. To be honest, I do love mixing red, green and white in salads because the colors depict freshness and it also epitomizes the Mediterranean diet. Red, plump tomatoes always play a big role in the red of my salads, I love using anything green like basil, arugula or lettuce and for the white, there are always fresh white cheeses like mozzarella, burrata or feta that go so well with other fresh ingredients.

I have seen so many ways of presenting the Caprese Salad and I enjoy seeing the creative ways of presenting them. Although not as creative as the other amazing ones I've seen, I, myself, have prepared them in different ways too. In one recipe, I pounded the basil along with the extra virgin olive oil and salt and made a cream out of it. I also tried different ways in this one during the celebration of the Unification of Italy. Yes, there were even little Italian flags on them. And of course, I also have the classic Insalata Caprese.

It's a very quick dish to prepare that is always reliably good. We usually have it at home whenever we find good mozzarella di bufala from the shops. When they are fresh, they are incredibly good in the salad, then drizzled with a good kind of extra virgin olive oil. There are times when I also drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar or, I switch the mozzarella to burrata which I actually prefer.

This is the third salad in a jar recipe that I am sharing. They are all healthy, easy to prepare and appetizing. Most especially, they are easy to take around. Check out the Caprese Salad in a Jar recipe that I created for Skinny Ms. It's a site that helps you discover how important healthy living is with tips, resources and recipes.

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