Cheesy Calzone with Kale and Spinach

Pizzas are beautiful to look at with all the toppings making a united delicious look in inviting you to slice and have a bite. Especially when the mozzarella is melted and is making a gooey cheesy mess. Have I said enough? I am preparing baked potatoes and sausage with rosemary and I am imagining biting on a slice of pizza with the mozzarella stretching for meters! I don't even dare say pizza out loud in our house or the kids will start hollering pizza for dinner and might forget about the dinner cooking in the oven.

But when the pizza is folded in a half moon and toppings are stuffed inside, hidden from view, it may not be as attractive as the pizza but it can sometimes be more interesting to bite. The filling remains moist and when mixed with melted cheese like mozzarella, you may need to look for a better word that's more than delicious. There are a lot of variations of fillings to put inside like with pizza. I love to make it simple with kale and spinach sautèed with garlic and lots of anchovies for richer flavors then put together with a scattered little pieces of mozzarella to make the whole thing cheesy and just plain good.

I created this Cheesy Calzone with Kale and Spinach recipe for She Knows. You can also find more of my recipes at my Profile Page there. Have a wonderful day! 

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