Tomato-Stuffed Pouches

Did I ever tell you that leftovers make my mind whir more than usual? I have this need to see things in order like in the refrigerator shelves which always need organizing because there is a continuous movement of food going in and out. So an open package of lasagna sheets is something that required my attention and as I took it out, an idea crept into my mind.

Aside from layering in lasagna dishes, I imagine lasagna sheets as pouches to be filled up with both savory or sweet fillings. They are the perfect little bags that hold surprises for the ones I cook for. Since I love (and the rest of the family) Spaghetti alla Carrettiera, and it's also very easy to put together because it doesn't require cooking, I thought that it would be a great idea to use as filling for these appetizers I was thinking of for Thanksgiving.

Easy, simple, healthy, and intensely-flavored. Oh, and if you make these little pouches, you won't be spending too much money too because they are just tomatoes and other ingredients that you will surely have in your cupboard already. Pop one in your mouth and you will taste all the Mediterranean flavors. Yes, that's definitely something I wanted for these appetizers that I was including among the recipes that I was making for Thanksgiving.

You can get this Tomato-Stuffed Pouches recipe at Thanksgiving and while you are there, browse around the site and check out the other awesome ideas for Thanksgiving. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by! Wait for the remaining two recipes I am sharing as part of the Thanksgiving series.

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