Grilled Figs on Yogurt and Balsamic Glaze

It's not fig season anymore, I know, but I would like to share with you this very late recipe post that I originally created for Skinny Ms. about a month ago (when fig season was just ending). It is a very simple breakfast recipe that I think is worth taking note of when the figs pop out again, or better yet, you can also use other kinds of fruits that are good for grilling. 

Being naturally sweet, the figs provide the sweetness in this yogurt bowl. That matters a lot for our health because it is always good to be able to cut down on sugar or other sweeteners. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast, then this is a very good possibility because apart from the fruits, the only added ingredients are yogurt (low fat if you prefer), almonds and balsamic glaze. So as soon as you wake up in the morning, just slice the figs in half and grill them quickly. It requires no special work whatsoever and just a big appetite because if you taste it, I am pretty sure that you will want more. 

I created this Grilled Figs on Yogurt and Balsamic Glaze recipe for Skinny Ms. and you can find it there if you click on the link. Skinny Ms. is a site that aims to give us healthy eating tips, resources and whole lot of information about keeping fit. Thanks and enjoy your week!

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