Godfather Espresso

The name caught me more than once when I was scanning my new cocktail drinks book. It was kind of amusing to have a Godfather drink and what's even better is that there is a female counterpart with the name (you guessed it!) Godmother. Both drinks are just simple mixtures of amaretto liqueur and Scotch whisky for the Godfather while for the Godmother, vodka replaces the whisky, both on the rocks.

Story goes that the Godfather was Marlon Brando's favorite cocktail drink in the 1970s and since he played the titular role of the film The Godfather, it has got to be named the Godfather. And what about Godfather Espresso? It's an after-dinner drink that I thought of. Since we are being so Godfather-y and Italian, why not add another ingredient that speaks loudly of being Italian? Espresso is a good addition to this lovely drink. But to make the taste rounder, I added some chocolate liqueur. The result? It has a strong coffee and chocolate taste that smoothens the alcoholic taste of the Scotch whisky. I can even drink this with a straw because it almost tastes like a mocaccino.

This Godfather Espresso is my last recipe for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed the whole series I created. Do visit the site often as new ideas are still coming in for the big day. If you have not started preparing or thinking of what to do yet, just head to Thanksgiving and start getting ideas!

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