Purple Potatoes, Grapefruit and Asparagus Salad

I still remember how desperate I was three years ago in looking for the purple potatoes in Italy. I searched the internet continuously until I found a UK online shop that sells them and ships to Italy. For days, I would visit the site and would almost hit the pay button but stop myself at the very last second because they were ridiculously expensive. I really wanted to have them but the price was seriously holding me back.

And just like magic, my husband came to my rescue. He found an Italian grower that was selling four times less than its English counterpart. They were even going to deliver to the vegetable shop close to our house. So that was the first time I got a hold of these wonderful purple beauties.

I had a whole crate of five kilos to create recipes with. I made some gnocchi, potato soup, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato chips and a whole range of salads. I found out that vitelotte or purple potatoes cannot be treated like the regular potatoes we are accustomed to. They didn't agree well with the soup and roasted versions but were exceptional in the gnocchi and chips. I loved them in salads and the mashed potatoes were not bad at all. So here, I have another salad recipe to share with you.

Because they are purple, it was hard for me not to play with colors. In this Purple Potatoes, Grapefruit and Asparagus Salad recipe, I put together a beautiful color combination of ingredients that not only went well visually but tasted very good as well. I based it on my favorite potato salad, sticking to the same concept of flavors of salty and sour contrasts. 

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