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13 November 2014

Sautèed Red Rice with Peas and Chicken

I had become obsessed with different kinds of rice once, wanting to try the colored ones, so I have some boxes of brown, black, red and regular whites in the pantry. The colored ones have strong nutty flavors and the fragrance pervades the kitchen like a natural nutty-smelling scent of those plugged fragrances. I love scents of cooking in homes because it makes them inviting and and yes, homey. 

In this recipe, I used red rice and I kept the recipe as simple as possible by just combining the Asian-flavored chicken and the peas together with the cooked rice. You can even use leftovers if you want. Just remember to use the white meat to keep it healthy. Red rice contains anthocyanins which are a kind of antioxidant pigment. The nutrients don't stop there because it is also rich in zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin B. So if you are looking for a simple healthy meal of chicken and rice, this one is a good candidate.

If you want something a bit different, then you have to try this red rice, or brown, whichever you can find first. Both are considered the healthier varieties of rice. Red is more uncommon than brown and it can be either unhulled or partially unhulled, leaving the germ intact.

You can get this Sautèed Red Rice with Peas and Chicken recipe at Skinny Ms., where you can find some of my healthy recipes. It's a site dedicated to healthy living with resources, tips and recipes to guide you along in maintaining good health.

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