Fajitas with Meat Sauce and Feta

It's never a problem when I have a big leftover of ragù or tomato meat sauce because after having it with pasta, I use it for another meal again which everyone loves too. Those are rare moments when I don't hear any complaints of "again?" because even if it's the same old ragù, the whole thing is completely different. I use the ragù for filling up tortillas along with some feta and other fresh ingredients like tomatoes, lettuce and onions. It is so good that sometimes, I cook the ragù for making these fajitas then what remains goes to the pasta for our next meal.

The tomato meat sauce is very tasty that it blends perfectly with the feta cheese and onions. But according to my husband who stays a mile away when I start stuffing my fajitas with onions, the tortilla can stand alone without them. With or without the onions, these fajitas make a delicious meal for the whole family. The tomato meat sauce is quite far from the genuine fajitas, which are strips of grilled meat but do enjoy it however you want to call it. Another similar version that we love at home uses pita bread which is equally delectable too.

If you have some leftover ragù or even a pre-cooked canned one at home, grab some tortillas and let's make these Fajitas with Meat Sauce and Feta. You will find this recipe at She Knows. Hop on over and discover a vast world other than interesting recipes. 

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