Baked Shoestring-Potato Crusted Fish

I am ALWAYS late for my chores every morning. How can time fly so fast? One minute I am bidding my family goodbye at the front door and the next minute, it's already time to pick up my daughter in school. I usually set my phone's reminder an hour ahead of time so I will be aware that my time is almost up and I can do the last-minute things before going out. One of them is a simple lunch that my daughter would eat. I can only count with my fingers the kinds of food that she willingly eats and sole is one of them.

This recipe is very easy to make, the only thing that requires a little bit of work is the slicing of the potatoes as thinly as possible. If your food processor has a julienne disc attachment then there really is no work entailed in this baked fish. Just put the potatoes on top of the fish fillet then bake them until cooked through. By the time the oven rings, it's time for me to move and pick up my daughter. 

In the car, we exchange our usual questions to each other. How was school? With whom did you play today? Did you eat your food? What's for lunch, Mommy? When I say fish, she gives me an unexcited mumble, ok. But when she asks me if we have soy sauce and I say yes, then everything changes. She loves fish with soy sauce and lemon dipping sauce. You can get this Baked Shoestring-Crusted Fish recipe at She Knows. Check out my Profile Page and see the other recipes that I have there.

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