Pizza with Burrata, Parma Ham and Pan-Roasted Figs

Next to the Asian mangoes (especially the carabao variety), I think I can say that figs come in next as my second favorite fruit. We have a tree that's growing right beside our garage and since it had been planted too close to the wall, it has a controversial position - to cut down or to keep. True, it can create big damage to the wall but it gives us so much beautiful sweet figs every summer. When summer steps in, I can only think about having fresh, sweet figs from that tree and now is the period. The first two weeks of August is harvest time. This year, the tree is still there and hopefully, it won't ever be cut down as long as it behaves and doesn't damage the garage wall.

My family and I love picking the fruit everytime we pass the tree. The higher branches are emptied by my husband, I go for the middle ones, while the kids fight over the lower branches. But it doesn't end there. Our new dog, like our first dog, handles the ones that fall on the ground and clean them up. We used to share the figs with our neighbor but since they moved away, they are all ours to enjoy now. The excess go to a container that goes straight to the kitchen. We eat them every day but there are still a lot for me to use in cooking like these pan-roasted ones.  

This is reminiscent of how we used to enjoy the fresh figs. We put the fresh figs on freshly-baked warm white pizza and a slice of prosciutto. That was our mid-morning snack or breakfast. On weekends, my husband gets the freshly-baked white pizzas from the local pizzeria or bakery and we enjoy slices of little heaven. 

These slices of pizza are actually very easy to prepare. You can buy white pizzas that are already cooked in your local bakery. Warm them up just a little bit then break open the fresh burrata on top of the pizza, a slice of Parma ham and the pan-roasted figs to give it a jolt of pleasant sweetness. Yum! Interested? You can get this Pizza with Burrata, Parma Ham and Pan-Roasted Figs recipe at She Knows, where I create recipes. If you are also interested in checking out the other recipes I created for them, check out my Profile Page. Enjoy and have a great week!

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